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As a sports management consultancy, Bricoleur Systems works with Provincial Sport Organization(PSO)  Boards of Directors and staff to develop long term strategic goals for the a sport as a whole. We assist in the development and subsequent implementation of a plan for the sport that will drive continued success.

GoalWe usually start by working with the Board of Directors and staff of an organization to determine the direction that they would like to see the organization move. This may include how to better promote the organization, how to increase the appeal to athletes, or how to education the public about the sport or organization. Often the most important work, however, is in determining an efficient and effective organization design and system of governance that will allow the sport to prosper with the resources it has at hand. The sports management consultant then drafts a proposal based on the needs of the organization, presents the report to the client and discusses specific recommendations.

Usually the consultancy will also do some follow-up to ensure that the consultation covered all aspects of the issue as originally defined by the clients. The sports management consultant may also meet with various boards or outside agencies to assist with development of the overall plan or marketing proposal.

Common activities included in the consulting process:

* Networking and marketing sports organizations locally, nationally or internationally.
* Meeting with stakeholders to determine the direction the strategic plan is to take.
* Writing and developing a strategic plan based on the needs of the sports organization.
* Presenting reports to various groups, management teams or boards to provide information on the strategic plan proposed.

Executive Services

For smaller sport organizations, Bricoleur Systems provides Executive Director services on a part time contract basis. This service can be provided on a monthly retainer basis starting with  as few as 8 hours per month of service.



PSO’s, and  particularly the smaller ones, can need assistance in every aspect of business of sport management from time to time. As a  Director or staff member of a Provincial Sports Organization,  you’re often expected to be good at everything, which of course, no one can possibly be.

Unlike a large commercial enterprise, and even if you have thousands of athletes in the sport,  typically, you don’t have a suite of Vice-Presidents skilled in various business disciplines and usually, even though your Board members are extremely dedicated, you do not have the ability to draw  upon expert, objective feedback. Further, even if you are acutely aware of issues that need to be addressed, you may simply not have the time to address them. This is where Bricoleur Systems Comes in.

Bricoleur Systems can supply the missing piece, that senior executive you often need but cannot justify employing full time.  Our only agenda is helping  your sport so you can rely objectivity in the role of adviser. Through hands-on assistance, we can bring that extra horsepower and expertise your sport needs to address  issues or pursue new and existing opportunities.

When it is getting more and more difficult for Sport Organizations to keep up with the demands put upon – whether them though declining rates of volunteer participation, reduced government support,  increased responsibilities in areas of risk management,or  program development and service delivery – it is exactly the time to make changes.   Most sports cannot “keep doing things the same way” and hope to prosper in the changing environment they face.  And yet,  these same sports simply cannot maintain permanent staff at the level to take on even critical one time projects that would allow them out of the vicious spiral of resource constraints becoming more restricted exactly when its critical that more be deployed.

Sometimes the fix is with streamlined systems, sometimes it is in “just saying no” to programs that have outlived their use fullness, sometimes modern new systems – that for a one time cost of implementation will provide multi-fold and continuous improvements in both efficiency and, more importantly, effectiveness in program delivery – must be put in place. Some situations  might  even call for the entire governance structure to be overhauled.  Any of these efforts will almost always require supplemental resources and advice.  Exactly the services and resources that Bricoleur Systems is set up to provide.



Boards of Non Profit organizations are often composed primarily of volunteers.  If required, peliminary work and review sessions may take place outside of normal business hours to ensure that widespread participation of all stkehoders is achieved.

While this type of work can proceed at any time it is usually wise not to schedule it in conflcit to existing board and staff member committments.  Typically thier time a very scarce resource immediately prior to an organization’s AGM or championship season.



The Consulting Process

Generally, the consulting process encompasses several stages:

Clarifying Expectations


  • Discussion of specific problems and issues
  • provision of preliminary materials for consultant’s review


  • What is the big picture view of the organization and where it is going?
  • What would success look like at the end of our work together?
  • What do you not want to have happen?
  • What challenges have you had in addressing these issues before?


  • Who will be the primary contact with the consultant?
  • Who are the stakeholders who need to be involved?
  • Who is the final decision-maker for the client?


  • What is the timeframe for this work?
  • Expectations


  • What are budget parameters are we working with?
  • What expectations do you have regarding the consultant’s work or methodology to be used?

Work Agreements

  • Agree on work products, work activities, work relationship, access to information and individuals, and any issues of confidentiality
  • Agree on timeframes
  • Execute agreement
  • If the client and Bricoleur Systems agree, at any point,  that the initial problem was not accurately defined or the client wishes to increase the scope of work to include other considerations, the agreement would be revised accordingly.

Data Gathering

  • Gather and analyze data, examining all layers of the organization
  • Verify presenting problems


  • Present and discuss preliminary results of data gathering with stakeholders
  • review results of previous discussion with stakeholders

Decision Making

  • Review possible actions/choices with decision-maker
  • Determine interventions


  • Implement agreed-upon activities


  • Evaluate the consulting engagement and working relationship
  • Review effectiveness of interventions



Harry Jerome Statue

Harry Jerome Statue - Stanley Park, Vancouver

Bricoleur Systems is located in the Greater Vancouver area and performs work primarily here and in the Greater Victoria of British Columbia.  Project work can be undertaken in the clients locale wherever that may be, but travel and accomodation expenses will apply.

Contact us at:

Bricoleur Systems – 6022 Boundary Court, Surrey, BC, Canada V3X  2C6





DHC SoulThe Principle of Bricoleur Systems is  David HC Soul … and for those of you old enough to remember no not THAT one … although I have been known to answer to the name ‘Hutch.’

I’m an entrepreneur but in the past have been employed by a number of small to medium sized business across a wide spectrum of industries and in positions from Production Management through Accounting and Financial Management to General Management and executive management at the C level (Research and Development, Administration, Finance, and CEO).  I’ve also held Management Consultancy positions both with my own firms and other private institutions.

At different times serving as a volunteer and and others as staff, I’ve held positions at all levels of amateur sport – from Community Level Youth Sport to Senior Men’s “A” Level Sports as well as  with Provincial Sports Organizations – in roles encompassing  both the Board of Directors and senior managerial positions including President, Treasurer, Executive Director.

Finding semi-retirement from the bustling world of software unsatisfying,  I have once again “dusted off my shingle” and entered the field of management and organizational consulting – this time in the not for profit sector especially in the realm of amateur sport.  This  a field that has given me constant challenge, growth, companionship and satisfaction through thousands of hours spent in collaborative volunteer endeavors over many decades. Bricoleur Systems Limited is the vehicle for my professional forays into the field but I still maintain strong links to the volunteer side of equation.