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CmapTools from the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

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Your first time here? Welcome, I'm glad you've dropped in.... David Soul (aka Bricoleur)

The IHMC CmapTools software empowers uses to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as Concept Maps

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Voices in my Head

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Voices in my Head

Voices in my Head


a cappella

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I’ve started a commversation on Tangler about third places of learning. The conversation revolves around a presentation by Teemu Arina. Here’s his own description of what he covers in his keynote address:

“In my presentation I’m defining three of my concepts until now unknown to the field of distance education: seredipic learning, homo contextus and parasitic learning. I call for third places of learning running outside of the reach of formal structures. These spaces are run by self-directed connective learners (homo contextus) utilizing abilities in distributed cognition, prosthesis of thinking and parasitic approach to informal learning. Serendipity defines the accidental encounters of individuals in such third places linking the skills and wills of people through social technologies. The social noosphere (mindsphere) extends into a planetary thinking network, effectively decentralizing learning through technological extensions of mind and body. In the shadow of Marshall McLuhan, hard questions are left for reflection regarding New Learning 2.0:”

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Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-24

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Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-13

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Breadcrumbs for 2006-01-29

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Brain PatternsDetected in Advance of Verbal Recall

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Googling Your Brain

analyzed brain scans of people as the test subjects watched pictures on
a cmputer screen. The images were divided into three categories:
celebrities, places, and everyday objects like tweezers and a pocket

Later, without any images and while their brains were
still being scanned, the subjects were asked to recall as many of the
images as they could. The researchers found that the patterns of brain
activity associated with each picture “reinstated” themselves seconds
before the people could verbally recall the memories.

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