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To speak ‘Biological Computer Laboratory’ also speaks ‘Heinz von Foerster.’ To invoke von Foerster also invokes the BCL community that he gathered through his unerring identification of original thinkers and his unparalleled clarity about second-order cybernetics. Having chosen well his lab’s collaborators, von Foerster contributed seminal thinking that became foundations and superstructures for practitioners in the generations that followed.

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Biological Reflections

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Level II

Ashby, W. Ross, An Induction to Cybernetics, Chapman and Hall, 1956

Maturana, Humberto, and Varela, Francisco, Autopoeitic Systems

Powers, William T., Behaviour: The Control of Perception, Aldine, Chicago, 1973

Level III

Sommerhoff, G., Analystical Biology, OUP, 1950

Level IV

Rashevsky, Nicholas, Mathematical Principles in Biology, Charles C Thomas, Illinois, 1961

Waddington, C.H., The Strategy of the Genes, Allen & Unwin,  1957

Level V

Margalef, Ramon, Perspectives in Ecological Theory, University of Chicago, 1968

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