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Paul Pangaro, Ph.D.


To speak ‘Biological Computer Laboratory’ also speaks ‘Heinz von Foerster.’ To invoke von Foerster also invokes the BCL community that he gathered through his unerring identification of original thinkers and his unparalleled clarity about second-order cybernetics. Having chosen well his lab’s collaborators, von Foerster contributed seminal thinking that became foundations and superstructures for practitioners in the generations that followed.

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Cafe-Shaped Business |

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December 19, 2008

You Are Here Books

Imagine if cafe-shaped conversations translated into smaller businesses. Educational marketing expert Rachel Reuben talked about her interpretation of implementing a cafe-shaped experience for her college admissions community. I had another experience of that today, and wanted to share it.

But first, I have to tell you a bit of backstory about Carolyn Jordan.

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Robert Scoble suggests that back in 2000 (when there were few blogs) it was not unusual for a conversation to take place through the blog comments over the space of week. Now with twitter, the time shrinks dramatically. He then looks at FriendFeed and suggests that, with proper search facilities added to what is already there, the trend can be reversed and what he calls “the half life” (~20 hours in the example from 2000) will increase as older conversations can be found and referenced again.

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