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40 Years Ago today, the Astronauts of Apollo 8, the first humans to circumnavigate the moon, finally turned their eyes from the lunar surface (on their fourth orbit) to observe the “earthrise.” Writing about it in “Happy Birthday, ‘Earthrise‘  ( NY Times), Andrew C. Revkin includes a video he compiled to mark the occasion.

As Frank Borman shifted the orientation of the capsule to see the horizon Bill Anders was moved to blurt out  “Oh my God, look at that picture over there. Here’s the Earth coming up!”

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Oliver Selfridge: pioneer of artificial intellegence

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Oliver Selfridge, who has died aged 82, was a British-born pioneer of Artificial Intelligence, and was also the grandson of the founder of the Selfridges department store.

In a 1958 paper, Pandemonium: a Paradigm for Learning, he outlined a neurologically inspired system of electronic machine components, which he called “demons”, that reacted to common elements in each other.

via Oliver Selfridge – Telegraph.

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“We have become, by the power of a glorious evolutionary accident called intelligence, the stewards of life’s continuity on earth. We did not ask for this role, but we cannot abjure it. We may not be suited to it, but here we are.”— Stephen Jay Gould

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Cafe-Shaped Business | chrisbrogan.com

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December 19, 2008

You Are Here Books

Imagine if cafe-shaped conversations translated into smaller businesses. Educational marketing expert Rachel Reuben talked about her interpretation of implementing a cafe-shaped experience for her college admissions community. I had another experience of that today, and wanted to share it.

But first, I have to tell you a bit of backstory about Carolyn Jordan.

via Cafe-Shaped Business | chrisbrogan.com.

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Norbert Wiener, American mathematician
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“The world of the future will be an even more demanding struggle against the limitations of our intelligence, not a comfortable hammock in which we can lie down to be waited upon by our robot slaves.”— Norbert Wiener

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Paul Saffo on the Privacy Debate

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Saffo analyzes waning privacy among all citizens of the world and discuss the danger of privacy becoming a priviledge of the elite.

Perhaps the best line though comes at the very start of the interview, almost as a throw away driven by the interviewers opening remark:

“… well you know, the terrorist aspect and the war aspect,  no… our collective intelligence in this country drops 20 IQ points whenever we’re at war and then when the war ends we usually come back to our senses…. now its a little troublesome cause this one shows no sign of ending so maybe we never get those 20 points back.”

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NASA – 40 Year Anniversary of Apollo 8

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Apollo 8 First manned lunar orbiter
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NASA – Apollo40.

When delays with the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) threatened to slow the program (which was trying to meet JFK’s audacious goal of putting a man on the moon ‘before decade’s end’) NASA decided to rewrite several mission plans and sent Apollo 8 on a circumnavigation of the moon (without the LEM) on the first manned launch of the Saturn V rocket.

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marchers“Those thinking that online social networking is a substitute for face-to-face interactions might want to think again.  Recent research in psychology suggests there are some benefits to real-life socializing that the Internet just can’t provide; researchers at Stanford University have published a report in Psychological Science called “Synchrony and Cooperation” that indicates engaging in synchronous activities (e.g., marching, singing, dancing) strengthens social attachments and enables cooperation”

via Asynchrony in social networking could spell trouble | Technimentis.

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The W. Ross Ashby Digital Archive

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Photo of W. Ross Ashby

Man adapts by conquering the reducible; the irreducible is impregnable.

W.Ross Ashby

The W. Ross Ashby Digital Archive – Aphorisms

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Ubiquity: control for the user of the web

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Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Ubiquity’s goals are to:

Empower users to control the web browser with language-based instructions. (With search, users type what they want to find. With Ubiquity, they type what they want to do.)

Enable on-demand, user-generated mashups with existing open Web APIs. (In other words, allowing everyone (not just Web developers) to remix the Web so it fits their needs, no matter what page they are on, or what they are doing.)

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