BCMA IT Policy Paper

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The British Columbia Medical Association has published an IT policy paper.

Getting IT Right

Patient Centred
Information Technology

A Discussion Paper by BC's Physicians
January 2004

The document is the BCMA Vision for Health Information Technology including:

Guiding Principles for Health Information Technology
Ways Information Technology Can Improve Patient Care
Electronic Health Record vs. Electronic Medical Record

The document also includes an “environmental scant” of practices in other jurisdictions including:

  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • United Kingdom (National Health Service)

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Thoughts on 'Costs of EMR and who should pay for EMR'

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This discussion on CanadianEMR raises the question becomes who will (should) pay for the  cost of EMR given  that
it generates a huge value to society?  canadianemr/2004/01/thoughts_on_emr.html#comments
It includes a link to the Wang et al study of EMR Cost vs Benefit paper originally published in the  as well as 16 comments from physicians offering comments and insights ranging from “iterative and incremental” vs “big bang” approaches to implementation to the impact of (at least in Canada) physicians not having the option of
increasing their top line (i.e., revenues) when they implement an EMR on slowing down the adoption of the technology.

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The Status of Physician Computing

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An article by Dr. Alan Brookstone (Republished from Canadian Healthcare Technology – September 2003) forms the foundation for this discussion in CanadianEMR (includes 6 replies): http://emruser.typepad.com/canadianemr/2003/12/the_status_of_p.html
A sub-theme of the discussion was the possible use of online appointment scheduling for patients to book their own appointments.

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BCMA Policy backgounder: EMR and the Core Data Set

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The BC Medical Association has taken the position that it supports the creation of electronically-based patient
record systems that focus on improving quality of care
for patients.  At the same time they express concern that:

considerable federal, provincial, and regional resources
are being dedicated towards promoting and investigating
electronic record initiatives and pilot studies. 
The BCMA is concerned that the focus of many of these
initiatives are overly geared towards administrative
and surveillance purposes. The primary objective
of any electronic record system must be to improve patient
care while respecting individual privacy rights.”

The policy backgrounder can be found at
Electronic Medical Records and the Core Data Set

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