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Your first time here? Welcome, I'm glad you've dropped in.... David Soul (aka Bricoleur)
The Past-Ruture of Cybernetics: Conversations, Von Foerster, and the BCL
“ Paul Pangaro, Ph.D. ABSTRACT To speak ‘Biological Computer Laboratory’ also speaks ‘Heinz von Foerster.’ To invoke von ...”
“ Int. J. Systems Sci., 1970, vol. 1, No. 2, 89-97 EVERY GOOD REGULATOR OF A SYSTEM ...”
The Viable System Model in the analysis of the project management
Governance of Economic Transitions: A Case Study of Ukraine
Organizational Cybernetics For Waste Management Authorities: A Case Study
“by Christos Dodis, Konstantinos Kitis, Demetrios Panagiotakopoulos EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper is concerned with the organization and ...”
CmapTools from the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
“The IHMC CmapTools software empowers uses to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented ...”
The VSM Applied to Complex Organizations in Crisis
“Address to the 2nd Cwarel Isaf Institute Conference Allenna Leonard, Ph.D. So, the first tool I’d ...”
To Change Ourselves: A Personal VSM by Allena Leonard
Forecasting human behaviour carries big risks
“ Computerised forecasting techniques are certainly useful for stores, but flawed when it comes to complex ...”
Visual Literacy: An E-Learning Tutorial on Visualization for Communication, Engineering and Business
Economic Scene: Four Ways to a...
“Economic Scene: Four Ways to a Better Financial Bill - http://bit.ly/b9jCy6”
London outside of 'top 30 citi...
“London outside of 'top 30 cities' - http://bit.ly/dB3JuY ”
Inducted into Certified Genera...
Structured Procrastination
“"...structured procrastination, an amazing strategy I have discovered that converts procrastinators into effective human beings, ...”
Silly Theory
Gathering more field stones th...
“Gathering more field stones than writing; but short piece accomplished in time available meant beating ...”
5 pages writing: check. Progr...
“5 pages writing: check. Progress using the Weinberg Fieldstone Method: Priceless.”
System-Theoretic Reflections
Mathematical Reflections
“I have not read any of Stafford Beer’s entries in the Select Bibliography included in ...”
Socio-Economic Reflections
Psychological Reflections
“I have not read any of Stafford Beer's entries in the Select Bibliography included in ...”
Biological Reflections
“3rd Places of Learning”
Breadcrumbs for November 25th through 19:16
“These are my links for November 25th from 15:33 to 19:16: BBC NEWS | Science & ...”
Doubt greets IMF bailout offers | csmonitor.com
“Doubt greets IMF bailout offers The fund seeks to soften effects of the financial collapse, but ...”
Designing Freedom & The Purpose of Education
Physics in Trouble: Why the Public Should Care
“American theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, author of "The Trouble with Physics," states that physics has ...”
Breadcrumbs for November 15th through 14:47
“These are my links for November 15th from 14:47 to 14:47: Lee Smolin on science and ...”
Someone Once Told Me - Read All About It
“A neat idea: About SOTM We are all shaped by the things that someone once told us. ...”
Breadcrumbs for November 15th through 12:17
“These are my links for November 15th from 11:44 to 12:17: Cloud Culture - For ...”
Breadcrumbs for November 14th through 22:29
“These are my links for November 14th from 22:29 to 22:29: Changethethought™ | Shop Changethethought - ...”
Prediction: self-promoting hype meets interdisciplinary ignorance
Breadcrumbs for November 13th through 23:00
“These are my links for November 13th from 22:43 to 23:00: Personal VSM - If one ...”
Breadcrumbs for November 13th to 21:29
“These are my links for November 13th from 21:06 to 21:29: Happiness as the Ultimate Goal ...”
Breadcrumbs for November 13th to 19:24
“These are my links for November 13th from 19:04 to 19:24: Proxymind - z y k ...”
Breadcrumbs for November 12th to 22:38
“These are my links for November 12th from 22:34 to 22:38: POSIWID: Purpose of Reading 3 ...”
Breadcrumbs for November 12th
“These are my links for November 12th WordPress › Postalicious « WordPress Plugins - Postalicious is ...”
POSIWID: Don't waste a crisis
“Richard Veryard writes in POSIWID: Don't Waste A Crisis that: Rahm Emanuel, just appointed chief-of-staff by ...”
The latest research on the correlation between religion and niceness
“Paul Bloom writes in Slate Magazine "Many Americans doubt the morality of atheists. According to a ...”
A look back in remorse on the conservative opportunity that was squandered.
“It would seem that the Neocons are in quite a state of disarray. "I have never ...”
An explanation for the Palin Doctrine
“"Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, ...”
Google Mashup of the US Election
“ Discussion on Tangler re election: ”
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: "What makes a life worth living?"
“ Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi asks, "What makes a life worth living?" Noting that money cannot make us ...”
Reading List: Fog Creek Software Management Training Program - Joel on Software
“An interesting post on the Joel On Software site: By Joel Spolsky Tuesday, November 22, 2005 Reading List: ...”
Hello world!
“I'm about to get into blogging... for now I've just cobbled together old stuff from ...”
The Strange Case of Hellish Nell
“ When Hellish Nell claimed to have channeled spirits of the dead (who gave away wartime ...”
links for 2008-08-16
“ Chandler: What went wrong this is a schedule-diary-system wanna-be (delicious tags: software sds calendar schedule) ”
Randy Paush - The Last Lecture
“I finally picked up his book this morning and only just cracked it open - ...”
Testing Kyte
“ I produced this on my iPhone and posted the embed here automatically...I'm testing this as ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2008-07-23
“ Hidden Pixels - Ultimate CSS Menus (tags: css webdesign) Carl Pope: It's Official -- Bush Has Ruined ...”
The best of times
“Carl Pope has an interesting piece If you look far enough into the future you can ...”
Occam's Razor
First post from iPhone
“Just testing functionality First thing I notice is that the iPhone app does not show nested ...”
Back after a long absence
“Just didn't get to this blog... or my others.... and then the habit died. With new ...”
The End of America
“from the cover:  ".... Naomi Wolf compels us to face the way our free America ...”
Whose Freedom?
“From the cover: "Since September 11, 2001, the Bush administration has relentlessly invoked the word ...”
All my Books on Goodreads
Cybernetics Bookshelf
“I think I've finally found a web system to catalog the books in my library!When ...”
Film That Changed You
“(feel free to join Tangler if you would like to take part in this conversation!)”
Everday Heroes Every Day
“(feel free to join Tangler if you would like to join this conversation!)”
How the concept of Pangea Day came about
“(feel free to join Tangler if you would like to take part in this conversation!)”
Jehane Noujaim: Ted Prize Winner (2006 Presentation)
“(please feel free to join Tangler if you would like to join in this conversation!) ”
What can we do as users of Tangler?
“(please feel free to join Tangler if you would like to join in this conversation!) ”
Pangea Day: an introduction
“ What is Pangea Day?  according to their web site: Pangea day taps the power of film to ...”
A Brighter Future for Dolphin?
“ A Brighter Future for Dolphin? (tags: smalltalk) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2007-09-08
“ Why the US and UK do not save for a rainy day (tags: POSIWID) The Lure of ...”
Third Places of Learning - discussion on Tangler
“I've started a commversation on Tangler about third places of learning. The conversation revolves ...”
Where's Bric: What I'm Reading Now
“Life without books would almost be life without meaning for me...here is a list as ...”
Data Visualization - some modern approaches
“Tags: chart, data, diagram, map, statistics, tool, visualization Smashing Magazine has an interesting feature showing some "profound, ...”
Obscure you say?
“ abstract: I'm going to use this topic as a reflection just some of the odd ...”
Stumbling on Happiness
“This is an embedded discussion from my personal "Tangle" on Tangler.com:”
Tangler Treats
“In light of my personal view of Tangler as a potential Third Place of Learning ...”
“Tangler Blog Tangler Login”
Hans Roslings New Insights
“ About this Talk: In a follow-up to his now-legendary TED2006 presentation, Hans Rosling demonstrates how developing ...”
Stumbling on Happiness
“new InsightBookReader('single', '9781400042661', 'Stumbling%20on%20Happiness', 'Daniel%20Gilbert', '0');  ”
links for 2007-05-22
“ Tangler (tags: attention socialsoftware web2.0 Groups community) ”
links for 2007-05-09
“ Software Wanted: Productivity Perception Enhancement Plug in for ... (tags: productivity outlook perception enhancement) ”
links for 2007-04-19
“ microformatique - a blog about microformats and “data at the edges” (tags: data microformats webdev) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2007-04-02
“ O'reilly shows their true colors hypocrites are most funny when caught.... Tim gained mainstream press when ...”
links for 2007-04-01
“ USERBARS.org | Free Forum Userbars - Board User bars | Download Your Usebar (tags: userbars) ”
links for 2007-03-31
“ Census for Hughes , Gwersyllt area please. Family History Local History (b 1859 ??) children George, John, ...”
links for 2007-03-30
“ Edit Your Party Invitation YubNub - YubNub.org a command line for the web (tags: web2.0 tools command ajax) YubNub side ...”
links for 2007-03-28
“ REKO Installed ”
links for 2007-03-27
“ PARRY Family History - Golden Valley Pedigree (tags: Family) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2007-02-01
“ Stafford Beer A start here guide to Stafford Beer and his work in the field of ...”
Text Squidoo Plexo
“<div id="plex926">plex926</div><script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.squidoo.com/scripts/plexo/syndicate.php?plex_id=926"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> openPlexo({ "container" : "plex926", "num_results" : "5" }); </script>”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-11-08
“ InformationWeek Weblog: Microsoft wants to have its SaaS cake … and eat it too No question ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-10-16
“ The Operating Room Dashboard (tags: medical dashboard operating) ”
Security tips for EMR
“In Technology For Doctors Issie Rabinovitch passes on common sense suggestions to improve security on ...”
Keywords used in Viable posts
“These are keywords that are used (site wide) in Viable... there are also indexes available ...”
EMR: Exam room configuration
“In CanadianEMR there is a whole section devoted to disussion Exam Room configurations and set ...”
Index to EMR in Viable
“These are keywords used in the EMR categories of the Viable Web Site:ASP     Application Service ...”
Eighth Annual Survey of Electronic Health Trends and Usage (2006)
“Available from the Medical Records Institute (pdf) is their latest annual survey of  EHR Trends ...”
Expiration of Alberta POSP funding - what will it mean?
“Alan Brookstone has posted an interesting piece in CanadianEMR where he discusses the exipration of ...”
Changes in lab reporting values - Creates a Dilemma
“In CanadianEMR Dr. Brookstone reports that a change in the presentation of lab results ...”
Electronic health records in Canada
“When will Canadian doctors join the computer age?In this piece in CBC News In Depth ...”
“The BC Ministry of Health has posted an update to their PITO Frequently Asked Question ...”
Physician User Group leaders meet with PITO
“Leaders of the Vancouver Coastal Health Physician User Group met with representatives of the the ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-09-19
“ The Feynman-Tufte Principle -- A visual display of data should be simple enough to fit ...”
Migration of data from an existing EMR - Is this an unforseen Achille's Heel?
“Alan Brookstone writes in Canadian EMR:"One of the big issues that has recently come to ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-09-15
“ Vintage ads (tags: ads advertising culture humor) ”
Attachment problems complicate the transfer of information between EMRs
“Alan Brookstone posts on CanadianEMR an article about a complex problem evident in the UK ...”
Retention of Records when Transitioning to an EMR
“In CanadianEMR Alan Brookstone writes about the complex complex issues that arrive as we move ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-08-04
“ The Croquet Project INTRODUCTION Croquet is a combination of computer software and network architecture that supports ...”
Report - Beyond Good Intentions Conference - Are we Getting Closer?
“Writing in CanadianEMR, Alan Brookstone reports on a conference in Montebello, Quebec sponsored by Canada ...”
Remote Access to your EMR
“As Alan Brookstone notes in a posting on  CanadianEMR, "one of the great benefits of an ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-07-13
“ Live Clipboard - Wiring the Web (tags: web2.0 liveclipboard clipboard Live) ”
BCMA: EMR commitment worries B.C. MDs
“In this article in The Medical Post, Matt Borsellino reports from the BCMA Annual Meeting ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-07-02
“ 7 Easy Steps to a Pimped Out Money Making Wordpress Blog (tags: blogs wordpress) 27 Of The ...”
PITO Steering Committee announced
“Members of the Physician Information Technology Office Steering Committee have been announced.  BCMA RepresentativesDr. Michael ...”
The Search for the Holy Grail - 'Clinically Seductive Software'
“In CanadianEMR Alan Brookstone asks his readers: "Have you used a clinically seductive EMR application or medical ...”
Frequently Asked Questions - Physician Information Technology Office (PITO)
“part of the newly negotiated agreement between the BCMA and the BC Government is a ...”
Physicians’ Use of Email With Patients: Factors Influencing Electronic Communication and Adherence to Best Practices
“In CanadianEMR Alan Brookstone reviews a study  in the Journal of Medical Internet Research on ...”
eHealth Collaboratory aims to test and improve EMRs
“As a 'proof of concept' the eHealth Collaboratory announced that 10 vendors had worked together ...”
8 Lessons from Canada, Australia and England on EMR/EHR Implementation
“In CanadianEMR Alan Brookstone comments that: "Canada is now being viewed as a leader in terms ...”
Quebec to speed up development of EMRs
“Quebec has announced a $547 million plan to create a province-wide ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-04-25
“ The revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock - Richard Mabey reviews (Books - Times Online) (tags: ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-04-24
“ Caterina.net: It's a bad time to start a company (tags: Kyzen) B.Mann Consulting | Technology Consulting in ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-04-09
“ GORP - Top Ten Scenic Drives in the U.S. (tags: Driving) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-04-08
“ Guardian Unlimited Travel | Travel light | Follow that car (tags: drive ! 43Places) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-04-06
“ Comedy Central - The Colbert Report - Videos - Guest Interviews (tags: comedy videos colbert) ”
EMR and Liability Exposure
“A short but interesting thread in CanadianEMR tackles the topic "If a physician has fully or ...”
43Places progress
Breadcrumbs for 2006-04-03
“ JOHO - March 3, 2005 (tags: tag tagging Taxonomies folksonomy @) How to Change the World - ...”
Test post
“I am doing 43 things.”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-04-02
“ ChangeThis :: ChangeThis (tags: Manifesto @ Kyzen) Odeo: Record and Share Audio (tags: odeo web2.0 streaming voicemail community ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-03-31
“ The Innovation Commons | Bryght Wiki (tags: innovation productivity wiki commons Kyzen @) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-03-30
“ Project for Public Spaces (PPS) | Placemaker Profiles (tags: public spaces design @ 43) Joe Galli, CEO ...”
Soul is Here
Learning from Abroad: Lessons and Questions on Personal Health Records for National Policy
“Alan Brookstone in CanadianEMR points to an paper from the US based AARP that compares ...”
links for 2006-03-26
“ PlanetRead .. A small change for Colossal gains in Literacy (tags: literacy PlanetRead India) Ma.gnolia Social Bookmarking: ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-03-25
“ Home | The Onion - America's Finest News Source (tags: culture news online) ”
EMR Usability in the Exam Room
“In this piece in CanadianEMR Alan Brookstone writes about the need to develop best practices ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-03-08
“ dhcsoul on Lists of Bests (tags: dhcsoul) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-03-06
“ Project collaboration, management, and task software: Basecamp (tags: collaboration productivity @) Kyzen: Projects (tags: kyzen) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-03-05
“ Financial Scoreboard - Financial Dashboard™ (tags: Kyzen finance accounting @) Tree of Life Web Project Home (tags: classification ...”
links for 2006-03-04
“ BookCrossing - Bookmarks, Labels, and Stamps - FREE YOUR BOOKS! (tags: books free fun @ bookcrossing) index yet ...”
Commit random acts of literacy! Read and Release at:
“What is BookCrossing? bookcrossingn. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to ...”
Commit random acts of literacy! Read and Release at:
“http://www.bookcrossing.com/friend/hutch-soul What is BookCrossing? bookcrossing n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-03-03
“ LinkedIn: David Soul Linked in web profile (tags: linkedin dhcsoul dsoul davidsoul @) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-03-02
“ heise online - Information campaign launched against "harmful software patents" e chosen online which in the ...”
Northern Health docs set the pace for EMR adoption
“Over 90 percent of doctors, in a mostly rural region bigger in area than France, ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-26
“ Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate (tags: philosophy aesthetics literature language breakthroughs ideas criticism ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-25
“ America's Byways®: National Scenic Byways Online (tags: America travel Driving @) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-24
“ W. H. Calvin's THE CEREBRAL SYMPHONY (Bantam 1989) (tags: online books cognition @) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-22
“ Greg's 4wd Page (tags: Hedley BC 4wd exploration @) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-21
“ Zoober Blog » Sleep on difficult decisions New scientists have recently published an article about the ...”
links for 2006-02-19
“ Newsvine - th↓s side up 4 (tags: space, space-eleavator) On TV : The Thirsty Traveler : Angostura ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-17
“ Senior Software Sales, Mini CEO - Jobs, Careers, Employment, Hiring, Training, Canada, Ontario, BC, USA (tags: ...”
Interactive Puzzle
“http://three.flash-gear.com/npuz/puz.php?c=v&id=1249378&k=20628619 Intesting interactive web demo...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-16
“ The mystery of the skipping stone (February 2006) - Physics World - PhysicsWeb What makes a ...”
Squidoo: LensRank
“Its soon to be much harder to keep on top of LensRank... I hope that ...”
Squidoo: Lens on Lens
Squidoo: Changes to Ranking
“This post indicates that as of Feb 5, 200s Squidoo has gone to a 14-day ...”
A Cybernetics Wikispace
“A wikispace underconstruction by DHC Soul covering the field of Cybernetics: cybernetics » home Cybernetics is ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-15
“ What is a swicki? (tags: swicki search @ kyzen squidoo) Cybernetics swicki - powered by eurekster (tags: swicki ...”
Squidoo: Lens on Lens
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-14
“ 17 Resources on Complete List of Web 2.0 Products and Services - Listible! (tags: web2.0 @) madarasz.pdf ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-13
“ Long Bets Long Bets is about taking personal responsibility for ideas and opinions. Posting and ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-11
“ VSM-Intro-Fractal.pdf (application/pdf Object) (tags: vsm cybernetics fractal @) Rosneath Farm - Resources - Elements of a viable ...”
Squidoo: Second Order Cybernetics
Squidoo: General Systems Theory
Squidoo: Educational Cybernetics
Squidoo: Invention and Innovation
Squidoo: VSM
Squidoo: Cybernetics
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-10
“ Ashby's book "Introduction to Cybernetics" (tags: books Ashby Cybernetics @) CS 377A: Introduction to Cybernetics and the ...”
Seth Godin's: Flipping the Funnel -a new ebook
“Seth's Blog: Flipping the Funnel--new ebookSeth's new ebook is based on the simple premise that ...”
Local EMR vs. ASP based EMR. Which is the right EMR solution?
“An interesting discussion on CanadianEMR about the relative merits/drawbacks that the competing models of local ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-09
“ Weapons of Business Destruction - How a tiny little "patent troll" got BlackBerry in a ...”
Breadcumbs for 2006-02-08
“ Armillary sphere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: @ armillarysphere) Stellarium Astronomy Software (tags: astronomy education Software opensource) EFF: ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-07
“ 30 Boxes | it's your life (tags: calendar dsoul) ”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-06
“ Ma.gnolia dsoul profile on Ma.gnolia (tags: dsoul dhcsoul davidsoul Ma.gnolia @) Userscripts.org: del.icio.us >> ma.gnolia (tags: del.icio.us ma.gnolia blog) Drag ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-04
“ Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection: 30 Boxes, Best... Calender... EVER! (tags: calendar @) 9 must reads before you ...”
Patents 2.0
“IEEE Spectrum: Patents 2.0 Writing in Spectrum online,  Lee Hollaar sugests ".... scrapping software patents altogether ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-03
“ Newsvine - Bush's State of the Union Energy Remarks - Now You See Them . ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-02
“ The Science President | Cosmic Variance (tags: Science President USA @) The Intersection (tags: science @) EDS' Next Big ...”
EFF Sues AT&T to Stop Illegal Surveillance
“ EFF Sues AT&T to Stop Illegal Surveillance ... alleges that Telecom Collaborated with NSA to ...”
A Cybernetics Wikispace
Connections in Richmond, BC
“According to Dianne Daniel (in an article in Technology for Doctors):"Decision-makers at Vancouver Costal Health ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-02-01
“ 3-D Calendar (tags: calendar @) David Seah - The Printable CEO™ Series (tags: productivity goal tools Kyzen) Blogs versus ...”
'Go Live' Without Going Nuts
“In this article in Physicians Practice, subtitled "Steps to a Successful EMR Implementation," Elaine Zablocki writes ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-01-30
“ BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US plans to 'fight the net' revealed A newly ...”
About DHC Soul
FAQ about the Viable Blog
“ Frequently Asked Questions Who are you ? I'm David HC Soul ... and for those of you old ...”
Are smarter people better at ignoring things?
“from collision detection: Are smarter people better at ignoring things?A team testing the "visual working memory"  ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-01-29
“ collision detection: a blog of clive thompson ting thing: Fujitec claims that when you route passengers ...”
A Squidoo Metalens: Cybernetics Start Here Guide
Squidoo Lens: Systems Thinking
“Systems Thinking The term systems thinking is often linked to the work of Peter Senge...the range of ...”
Cybernetics Wikispace
Squidoo: Invention and Innovation
Two for the Show
Yet More Squidoo
links for 2006-01-27
“ Inhabitat Temperature–sensitive bathroom fixtures (tags: architecture fixtures art design home) SHOP.MMS.COM > CUSTOM PRINTING > STEP 1 & ...”
links for 2006-01-25
“ who am I? on Flickr - Photo Sharing! (tags: Kyzen) Educational Cybernetics (tags: education cybernetics dsoul davidsoul dhcsoul ...”
links for 2006-01-24
“ Kevin Warwick - Home Page Kevin Warwick is Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-01-23
“ The Zen of Business Plans | Guy Kawasaki (tags: entrepreneur presentations Kyzen Kawasaki) Wired News: (tags: privacy data ...”
links for 2006-01-21
“ Complex Event Processing Welcome to the new beta site of complexevents.com! We are live for your ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-01-18
“ Become Your Own Web Host in 75 Steps (tags: howto Kyzen host web server) Independent Online Edition ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-01-16
“ increase your site's revenue today Earn revenue for your website and offer your visitors free advice ...”
Active Database Manifesto
“In contrast to traditional database systems active database systems management are designed to automatically react to ...”
An Active Networking Approach to Event Notification
“Authors: Michael Avery, Bob Kummerfeld. School of Information Technologies. The University of Sydney, Sydney Australia.  Abstract:"One of ...”
STEAM (research group)
“STEAM: Scalable Timed Events and Mobility (department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin) "Middleware supporting even-based ...”
Siena (Research Group)
“Siena: Scalable Internet Event Notification Architectures  (Software Engineering Research Laboratory - University of Colorado) "Siena is ...”
CEP (research group)
“Stanford CEP Research "Complex event processing (CEP) is a new technology.  It can be applied to extracting ...”
Rapide (research group)
“The Stanford Rapide ™ Project "The Rapide ™  Language effort focuses on developing a new technology ...”
omniNotify Home (research group)
“"omniNotify is a multi-threaded implementation of the CORBA Notification Service (CosNotification), a feature-enriched version of the CORBA ...”
Scribe (research group)
“"Scribe is a generic, scalable and efficient group communication and event notification system.  It provides application level ...”
NIAGARA (research group)
“"Niagara can be used for retrieving XML data, querying  and monitoring them for some interesting changes." "These ...”
REBECA (research group)
“REBECA is the REBECA Event Based Electronic Commerce Architecture "Electronic business demands for new business processes ...”
LSAM (research group)
“LSAM: Large Scale Active Middleware "The LSAM project is developing the middleware infrastructure to support scalable distributed ...”
Infosphere (research group)
“The Infosphere Vision College of Computing Georgia Institute of Technology Infosphere -- the sum of all information available. "Our vision ...”
NaradaBrokering (research group)
“"The Naranda Brokering project at the Community Grids Lab is an open source project that ...”
Le Subscribe (research group)
“Le Subscribe: Publish and Subscribe on the Web at Extreme Speed "Nowadays there is a proliferation ...”
Salamander (research group)
“Salamander: A Pushed-based Distribution Substrate for Internet  Applications "The system is currently under development and ...”
Opera (research group)
“"The Opera group is part of the larger Systems Research Group in Cambridge." "The focus of ...”
JECho (research group)
“A Java-based, Content-based Adaptable Distributed Event System The focus of JECho is to investigate and design ...”
Gryphon (research group)
“"The Distbuted Messaging group at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center focuses on developing advanced technology for messaging ...”
ECho (research group)
“"ECho is an event delivery middleware system developed at Georgia Tech." "ECho is distinguished by efficient ...”
Dragon (research group)
“Dragon: Soft Real-Time Event Delivering Architecture for Networked Sensors and Appliances "Dragon is a powful midleware ...”
DEEDS (research group)
“A Distributed Event Dissemination Platform "This project focuses on the research of an innovatiive event dissemination platform ...”
DAOS (research group)
“DAOS - Distributed Active Object Systems "The objective of DAOS is to unbundle the concepts of ...”
DACE (research gorup)
“DACE: Distributed Asynchronous Computing Environment "The goal of the DACE project is to design and implement ...”
D-Spheres (research group)
“"Conditional Messaging and  Dependency-Spheres are novel extensions to standard middleware for messaging and object transaction processing." "Conditional Messaging allows ...”
Continual Queries (research group)
“"The primary objective of the Continual Queries project aims at investigating the update monitoring problems in Internet-scale distibuted ...”
Caravel (research group)
“"The Caravel project deals with the general problem of information integration in networks of autonomous, heterogeneous information sources." "Information ...”
BAM as an essential part of the Real Time Enterprise
“"On the Path to the Real-time Enterprise" by Larry Goldman (Published in DM Review February ...”
A Simple Truth; under the covers of BAM is CEP
“"Exploiting Your Own Potential,"  - A short note by David McCoy (VP and Gartner Fellow) ...”
Real-time business data in Context
“BAM Keeps A Finger On The Pulse: business-activity monitoring provides real-time insight to improve operations ...”
IBM Common Event Infrastructure (CEI)
“ "Standardizing event management to streamline your on demand operating environment" According to the introduction: "Today, IBM Common Event ...”
Human-Computer Interaction and Interaction Design
Cybernetics of Human Computer Interaction
A Simple Introduction to Complex Event Processing (sample chapter)
The RAPIDE Event Pattern Language
“Sample Chapter of David Luckham's book "the Power of Events" is provided courtesy of Addison ...”
Instant Insight - (video clip D. Luckham)
Alert Retreival Cache (ALC) - SMS based system for emergency alerts
“Tsunami backlash...arising out of widespread frustration and a growing belief that state-owned and hierarchical warning systems ...”
CEP - Rules Based Approach
“This presentation by Opher Etzion (IBM Research Laboratory, Haifa) was made at the European Business Rules Conference ...”
BAM: Event-Driven Business Intelligence for the Real-Time Enterprise
“   Article published in DM Review MagazineMarch 2004 Issue     By Diaz Nesamoney The article inludes an interesting table ...”
The Event Driven Enterprise (Article in Business Integration Journal)
“The Event-Driven Enterprise By Doc Mills Posted: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 Abstract:Event-driven architecture offers the promise of ...”
'IT cos must rethink their infrastructure
“Gartner is spreading the word far and wide... I just came across this piece in ...”
Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)
“"A standard method should be developed to collect and relay instantaneously and automatically all types of hazard ...”
CEP - start here guide
“There are many advantages to the news format I use for this site, but also many ...”
ebizQ on Complex Event Processing
“   09/06/2004 ebizQ "The Insider's Guide to Business Integration" carries CEP articles: BAM And CEP: A Marriage Of ...”
RFID Journal - Separating Wheat from Chaff
“Companies that deploy RFID systems will need to use 'complex event processing' to identify meaningful information from ...”
Aiding Collaboration Among Humans and Complex Software Agents
“ by C. Martin, D. Schreckenghost, P. Bonasso, D. Kortenkamp, T. Milam, and C. ThronesberyNASA Johnson ...”
Towards an Architecture for Reasoning about Complex Event-Based Dynamic Situations
“by Gabriel Jakobson, John Buford Lundy Lewis (Altusys Corp, USA Southern New Hampshire University, USA), ...”
Complex Event Processing: special interest group formed
Why Our Computers Act Irrationally
“In this article by Peter Varhol (JavaPro, June 7, 2004) the author describes how complex event processing ...”
New CEP website
An Annotated Bibliography on Active Databases
“This is a bibliography (1995) on active databases and active database systems which reflects the various research ...”
Design of an event system which supports scopes and event mappings
“Moving Active Functionality from Centralized to Open Distributed Heterogeneous Environments  (M. Cilia; C. Bornhovd; A. Buchmann; ...”
CoSent: A Cooperative Sentinel for Database Systems (1999)
“ by Wesley W. Chu, Xiaohong Yang, Wenlei Mao Abstract:Active database systems have received increasing interest from ...”
links for 2006-01-15
“ Polyphasic Sleep (tags: sleep time tips productivity lifehacks health howto polyphasic) Let the Good Times ...”
SIENA: a wide-area event notification service
“Design and Evaluation of a Wide-Area Event Notification Service Antonio Carzaniga, David S. Rosenblum, Alexander ...”
Interfaces and Algorithms for a Wide-Area Event Notification Service (2000)
“Interfaces and Algorithms for a Wide-Area Event Notification Service (2000)  by Antonio Carzaniga, David S. ...”
Efficient Content-Based Event Dispatching in the Presence of Topological Reconfiguration (2003)
“Abstract: Distributed content-based publish-subscribe middleware provides the decoupling, flexibility, expressiveness, and scalability required by highly dynamic distributed applications, ...”
The Architecture of the READY Event Notification Service (1999)
“The Architecture of the READY Event Notification Service (1999) by Robert E. Gruber, Balachander Krishnamurthy, ...”
High-Level Constructs in the READY Event Notification System (1998)
“High-Level Constructs in the READY Event Notification System (1998)  by Robert E. Gruber, Balachander Krishnamurthy, ...”
Real TIme Manufacturing Performance Management
“Camstar is a  provider of manufacturing performance management systems. It's; LiveAlert™ product is  a  real-time notification and ...”
Collect and interrogate data from EPC networks in Real Time
“Electronic Product Code (EPC) is a 96-bit code, created by the Auto-ID Center, that proponents ...”
Shark Alerts... anywhere, anytime!
“Interface & Control Systems, Inc. (ICS) has recently teamed up with SharkSurvivor.Com to provide a ...”
Business Activity Monitoring: The End-Game of the Real-Time Enterprise
“In an article in Business Integration Journal (Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2003) Mo Klein and Francois Besson ...”
An Information Tracking System
“Does IT discover information systems problems only after operational business processes are disrupted?  Does it take more ...”
Complex Event Processing for Financial Systems
“ObjectStore®  has intoduced its " Trading Accelerator"  which it claims is a highly scalable, complex event processing ...”
Neon brings mainframe to event-driven world
“Neon Systems Inc., a maker of mainframe integration tools,has  rolled out a mainframe- centric entry into ...”
A Way Out of Automated Phone Hell
“Do endless automated messages make you mad? A program aims to detect that anger and transfer you ...”
Autonomic Computing: Creating self-managing computing systems
“"Imagine a world where computers fix their own problems before you even know something is ...”
GEM: Generalized Event Monitoring Language
“GEM - an interpreted language for event monitoring. The paper discusses the effect of communications ...”
Architecture-Based Development And Evolution
“GSAW is an annual workshop that facilitates exploration of issues and potential for consensus in software architectures ...”
Real Time Event Server
“iSpheres has announced a new release of its Halo Real Time Event Server. Version 4 adds two ...”
Event Mining with Event Processing Networks
“Event Mining discovers information in a stream of data, or events, and delivers knowledge in real-time.  In ...”
Kinesthetics eXtreme: An External Infrastructure for Monitoring Distributed Legacy Systems
“In this powerpoint presentation Gail Kaiser, Janak Parekh, Phillp Gross and Giussepper Valetto of the Programming Systems ...”
Real Time Event Based Analysis of Complex Systems
“According to the author, Complex Event Processing (CEP) is  particularly well suited for complexity arising from asynchronous, ...”
Requirements for a Practical Network Event Recognition Language
“This  paper (Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Carl A. Gunter of the University of Pennsylvania) describes some key ...”
The Power of Events
“This is a  review ((from ACM Ubiquity) of David Luckham's book, The Power of Events: ...”
Edinburgh Conference: Workshop on event-based systems (DEBS '04)
“The 26th International Conference on Software Engineering is being held in Scotland May 2004.  ICSE is ...”
2nd International Workshop on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS'03)
“The objectives of this workshop was to bring together participants from academia and industry  to discuss problems ...”
iSpheres Moves Foward In BAM Sphere - ebizQ
“... will achieve new levels of flexibility and a deeper understanding of their business processes by applying ...”
Future Watch: Using computers to outthink terrorists
“Future IT will not only enable new levels of collaboration between teams of intelligence analysts, policy-makers ...”
Monitoring distributed systems
“ Synopsis:The monitoring of distributed systems involves the collection, interpretation,and display of information concerning the interactions ...”
CEP will start creeping into Web services
“ Event-driven architecture poised for wide adoptionCarol Sliwa MAY 12, 2003 ( COMPUTERWORLD ) LOS ANGELES -- ...”
Intelligent Systems: Architecture, Design, and Control
links for 2006-01-14
“ Lispmeister.com : Stafford Beer and the Cybersyn project Sometimes things are connected in a strange way. ...”
A Cybernetics and Systems Thinking Bookshelf
“I have an application running on the "ning" playground that "shelves" some of the many ...”
links for 2006-01-13
“ Why The Brain Has 'Gray Matter' By borrowing mathematical tools from theoretical physics, scientists have recently ...”
CEP Start Here Guide
“originally put in place for a predecessor weblog (http://cep.weblogger.com) this page was still  under construction at the ...”
Cybernetics - start here guide
“ originally put in place for a predecessor weblog (http://cep.weblogger.com) this page was still  under construction ...”
IEEE 1451 Revived
“Sensor Interface Standard Rides AgainSimpler, practical applications of its recently approved IEEE 1451.4 section have ...”
Watchdog systems pack a bite
“Wireless sensor-based products that monitor homes and alert owners about water leaks or unauthorized intruders, as well ...”
Practical Real-time Multivariate Fault Detection and Classification
“ John A. Smith, K.C. Lin, Matt Richter and Uzi LevAmi, MKS Instruments, Andover, Mass. -- ...”
Coated nanotubes make biosensors
“TrnMag.com (December 29, 2004/January 5, 2005) carries a story about  researchers from the University of Illinois at ...”
Overview of Sensor Networks
“In this guest editorial (August 24) in the IEEE Computer Society  the authors discuss a vision for ...”
IBM shares lessons learned from Wal-Mart
“Article by Laurie Sullivan (Oct.14, 2004) in InformationWeek "Unexpected sources such as bug zappers and radio ...”
Coming To A store Near You
“Two stories now in print in the January 2005 (vol 13, No. 1) of Software Development under the ...”
Globetechnology: Yahoo to provide real-time traffic
“ NEW YORK — Many travelers by now are accustomed to getting maps and driving directions on the ...”
European Workshop: Wireless Sensor Networks (2005)
“Technically sponsored by IEEE Communications Society, the 2nd European Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks will be ...”
The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age
“In this book by Simon Head (Oxford University Press, 2003) the author maintains that information ...”
Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets
“Seldom do book publishers cover notes reflect the reality of the contents.  Even rarer is the ...”
A prime piece of evidence linking human activity to climate change turns out to be an artifact of poor mathematics.
“A reading of a pair of articles from Technology Review.com is instructive about how "received doctrine" ...”
Technology over Tsunami ?
“David Coursey isn't so sure that a computerized monitoring system would have saved lives.... human ...”
'Airlines have become way too dependent on computers'
“Airlines' computer systems questioned according to this report carried on CNN.com ....Tuesday, December 28, 2004 Posted: ...”
Human error: models and management
“A most interesting article in BMJ (British Medical journal) ..... BMJ 2000;320:768-770 ( 18 March )Education and debate Human error: ...”
Electrical Blackouts: A Systemic Problem
“"Although human error can be the proximate cause of a blackout, the real causes are ...”
First Flight – True UAV Autonomy At Last
“Melbourne, Australia, 6th July 2004. In a world first, truly autonomous, Intelligent Agent-controlled flight was achieved by ...”
Sensors in Prosthetics
“A. J. Perkins writes "Returning amputees from Iraq are getting computer-driven artifical limbs allowing greater balance ...”
Aircraft the size of Bees
““Insects and birds are as efficient as they could be, so we look at how they ...”
Embedded Linux becoming 'disruptive force'
“Embedded Linux becoming 'disruptive force' Wednesday February 18, 2004 -   in NewsForge By: Chris ...”
Robot balloons could explore Mars
“According to this BBC report, Remote-controlled balloons carrying armies of mini-robots could be filling Mars' skies ...”
AI to help Martian exploration
“ Scientists are developing a wearable, 'intelligent' computer system to help humans or robots explore Mars on ...”
Lessons Forgot : patent policy circa 1882
“Since I resurrected this weblog I've been asked several times if there is any rhyme or reason ...”
A Brewing ....
“SAN FRANCISCO--A mysterious bidder paid $15.5 million in a bankruptcy court auction of dozens of Internet-related patents--and then ...”
XML Patent : Core Techcnology locked up ?
“A news item on consortiuminfo.com (a site discussing intellectual property issues): This Can't be Good: ...”
FTC Tosses Out Case Against Rambus
“Although the FTC will release its full ruling this coming Monday the agency made its ...”
Stop Predatory Patentees
“Patent law's requirement that a patent attorney be hired every time one becomes aware of a ...”
The Future of Ideas: the Fate of the Commons in a Connected World
“by  Lawrence Lessig (2001, 352 pages, Random House.) I just finished reading this and must agree with ...”
Crafting an Effective Patent Invalidity Opinion - Is It the Last Bastion of Defense?
“Foley & Lardner is an excellent source of information on legal matters and industry trends. They ...”
More than just software patents fall into Ludicrous Category
“U.S. Patent 6,368,227, issued April 9,2002 describes a method for swinging ``in which a user positioned ...”
Rambus being hit on all fronts
“A very interesting case... Rambus sat on industry standards groups and was accused of  flagrant violations of ...”
Microsoft snags XML-related patent
“The company wins another U.S. patent for XML-related technology, one of the first in an expected ...”
Pandora's Box for Open Source
“Companies are facing a cannibalizing dilemma "Open source has become something like the invisible hand of ...”
A "Start Here" guide to the Software Patent Controversy
“The Wikipedia is often a good place to start your search for information about almost anything.... ...”
Patenting Air or Protecting Property?
“Information Age Invents a New Problem By Jonathan KrimWashington Post Staff WriterThursday, December 11, 2003; Page ...”
Ordinary Skill in the Art
“Based on the 2000 Knuth-Prize Lecture - Jeffrey D. Ullman Nov. 16, 2000; minor updates Aug. ...”
The Coming Software Patent Crisis: Can Linux Survive
“Bogus software patents pose a genuine threat to computer industry innovation. In this column, University of Virginia ...”
Debunking the Software Patent Myths
“This article was published in the Communications of the ACM, June, 1992 The author is an active ...”
Petition Against Software Patent
“To:  The United States Government We, the undersigned, are voters involved in the IT industry who believe ...”
Petition Against Software Patent
“To:  The United States Government We, the undersigned, are voters involved in the IT industry who believe ...”
Wrinkle in 'Seamless' Feel of the Web
“U.S. Patent No. 5,838,906 was assigned by the University of California to Chicago based Eolas Technology ...”
Real Time as well as Right Time
“BAM goes XML In this article (June 2004) in Application Development Trends by Rich Seeley the claim ...”
Standards emerge from BPM stew
“"Just what is happening in the business process management (BPM) software standards arena? Business Process Execution ...”
WS-I announces launch of Advocates Program
“The Web Services Interoperability organization (WS-I) announces a program for companies that although support the WS-I's work, ...”
Q&A: Tom Glover, IBM and WS-I Web Services Exec
“ There's a lot of interest in Web services and the processes to create them. The whole ...”
WS-Notification or WS-Eventing to be or not to be?
“"Web Services Event Standards Take Big Step Forward" claims the title of this Gartner document (Note ...”
IBM proposes convergence of Web services, grid computing
“SAN FRANCISCO -- IBM and several other vendors on Tuesday unveiled three specifications intended to converge Web ...”
Is your car spying on you?
“To get key accident data, 30 million cars now record drivers' behavior. By Eric C. Evarts ...”
Keeping Email Private
“ David Appell comments on potential hazards when "special circumstances manage to drill their way into every reasonable ...”
Kafkaesque? Big Brother? Finding the Right Literary Metaphor for Net Privacy
“Carl Kaplan writes in the NY Times about an article by Daniel J. Solove, an assistant ...”
Least of the Cows' Worries ?
“RFID technology is now being used to streamline collection and testing of milk samples on Australian cows. ...”
Lean at Home: Some New Year Resolutions
“Evolving Excellence: Lean Manufacturing in the Home - Some New Year's Resolutions Lean Manufacturing in the ...”
IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: 2006
“SMC The 2006 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics will be held October 8-11, ...”
Automating Invention: Norbert Weiner on Computer Automation and Work
“Robert Plotkin ('Automating Invention") often writes about the economic effects of computer automation including the ...”
Breadcrumbs for 2006-01-12
“ Performancing for Firefox | Performancing.com Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor that sits ...”
links for 2006-01-11
“ Human Freedom & Cybernetic Principles by Dr. Bruce Buchanan Human Freedom and Cybernetic Principles by Dr. ...”
Squidoo Lens: Cybernetics
Squidoo Lens: Viable Systems Model
Squidoo Lens: Cybernetic Lens
Organizational Transformation and Learning: A Cybernetic Approach to Management
“Anyone familiar with the work of Stafford Beer  in the area of Viable Systems (VSM) ...”
Presence: An Exploration of profound Change in People, Organizations and Society
“Acccording to the cover flap, "...an intimate look at the development of a new theory about ...”
NIST Cybernetic Building System Program
“Building and Fire Research Laboratory Program: Cybernetic Building System "During the next ten years, the building ...”
A Curriculum for Cybernetics and Systems Theory
“"This is a list, with reviews of suggested books, periodicals, television shows and computer programs ...”
Enterprise Infrastructure
“Nontechnical Infrastructure for BI Applications Article by Larissa Moss (published in DM Review Magazine January ...”
BAM: the whole job involves more than just detection
“Fast Tracking: Mobilize your management teams to meet the unexpected by continuously monitoring the business environment and ...”
Designing CIM with People in Mind
“INCLUDING PEOPLE IN COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING DESIGNS Professor Terry Winograd, Department of Computer Science, Stanford ...”
Cybernetics: a definition
“Paul Pangaro wrote a definition of the field for the 1991 Macmillan Encyclopedia of Computers but what ...”
intelligent modelling & control products for process industy
“ABOUT PROCESS CYBERNETICS LTD. "Process Cybernetics is a young company whose aim is to provide leading ...”
Content Based Routing with Elvin
“"Elvin is a network communications product with a difference; rather than messages being directed by ...”
Real Time Process Control over the Internet
“This slide presentation (pdf here) was made by Dr. Hari Gunasingham, CEO Eutech Cybernetics at the ...”
Defining Cybernetics
“"the science of control and communication in the animal and the machine" - Norber Wiener ...”
A History and Development of Cybernetics
“This slide presentation covers the history and development of cybernetics  ... It covers some of the ...”
Systems Must Be Designed to Doubt (Peter Coffee - eWeek)
“Opinion: Sensors, business rules and cultivated paranoia yield customer-facing apps that can cope with unfortunate ...”
The Official Stafford Beer Web site
“This web site is managed by Liverpool John Moores University, with the consent of the Beer ...”
Cwarel Isaf Institute
“ "The Cwarel Isaf Institute was founded to make the life's work of Stafford Beer available ...”
Viable Systems Model: A briefing about Organizational Structure
“The Viable System Model (VSM) offers a holistic form of observing collective behaviours in today’s societies. ...”
An overview of Stafford Beer's Viable System Model
“Intended Audience: Intelligent laymen interested in "How things really work" and how they could work better ...”
Kingsley Idehen's Blog -- cites Real-time White Paper by Vinod Khosla
“Kingsley Idehen's Blog -- cites Real-time White Paper by Vinod Khosla Here is an great ...”
The VSM - a guide for co-operatives and federations
“How to design a healthy business:The use of the Viable Systems Model in the diagnosis and ...”
Computing like ants
“Danna Voth, "Holonics in Manufacturing: Bringing Intelligence Closer to the Machine," IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. ...”
Intelligent Signal from Space ??? or.....
“ The 'Wow' Signal "He did some analysis of the data, and by all indications this powerful, narrowband radio ...”
BT Technology Timeline 2006 to 2051
“ BT Technology Timeline 2006 to 2051 BT's futurology department has predicted a broad sweep of future innovation including ...”
Brain PatternsDetected in Advance of Verbal Recall
“ Googling Your Brain "Researchers analyzed brain scans of people as the test subjects watched pictures on a cmputer ...”
A Mob is a Mob... smart just makes it hurt more
“ I'll have something to say about the cybernetics of the ...”
Event processing for Online Banking Fraud Prevention - (ebizQ)
“ ...”
CEP in RFID applications
“ Complex Event Processing: ...”
Achieving Complex Event Processing: An IBM Perspective
“ Achieving CEP with Active Correlation Technology ...”
Event Processing Engines - A user perspecgtive
“ Stream Joins vs State Machines ...”
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“ Don Mikulecky's Home Page (tags: Mikulecky complexity @) Into the Cool: Energy Flow, Thermodynamics and Life A ...”
links for 2006-01-09
“ Science's 10 most beautiful experiments Robert P. Crease, a member of the philosophy department at the ...”
18th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research (April 18 - 21, 2006)
“"Cybernetics - "the study of communication and control in the animal and the machine" (N.Wiener) - ...”
Autopoietic Theory and Social Systems: Theory and Practice
“Dr. Whitaker's ACM siggroup pages on 'Self-organization' (which is a popular theme in current studies of human ...”
Autopoiesis Reading Plan
“Reading Plan for Further Study by Randall Whitaker..."I have introduced people to, and tutored them ...”
Squidoo Lens: Viable Systems Model
“Squidoo : Lenses : Viable System Model This lens is dedicated to exploring the work of ...”
links for 2006-01-08
“ The Open Co-op : Viable Systems Model The following quick introduction to Stafford Beer's Viable Systems ...”
RealClimate » Michael Crichton’s State of Confusion
“RealClimate » Michael Crichton’s State of Confusion Michael Crichton's new novel "State of Fear" is about ...”
Top Ten Science Experiments
“Science's 10 most beautiful experiments (from Nytimes.com) <i>Robert P. Crease, a member of the philosophy department at ...”
links for 2006-01-07
“ Newsvine - Australian Financial Review - few years ago Humanoid robots were totally gimicks...now they are ...”
What is your Dangerous Idea
“THE WORLD QUESTION CENTER 2006 The Edge Annual Question — 2006 WHAT IS YOUR DANGEROUS IDEA? The history ...”
Bayes Rules
“Psychology | Bayes rules | Economist.com Recently, however, Bayes's ideas have made a comeback among computer ...”
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“ What makes us creative at work? (tags: creativity squidoo) rogers-adaptivesystem7final.pdf (application/pdf Object) (tags: complex adaptive systems @) International Chindogu ...”
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“ David Soul's Ryze Business Networking Page Business Networking Site (tags: Ryze Kyzen networking dhcsoul dsoul davidsoul) “Let the ...”
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“ Marketing Tools Review - Seasonal Campaigns With Google Adwords ottom line - whether you can convert ...”
A start here guide to Cybernetics on Squidoo....
“Squidoo : Lenses : Cybernetics: A Squidoo Meta Lens This lens is intended to provide a ...”
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“ Marketing Tools Review - Seasonal Campaigns With Google Adwords ottom line - whether you can convert ...”
links for 2006-01-02
“ MyHeritage Face Recognition (tags: face recognition images) Cybernetics and Information Theory in the United States, France and ...”
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“ MyHeritage Face Recognition (tags: face recognition images) Cybernetics and Information Theory in the United States, France and ...”
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“ Easyjournal - Account Management Console (tags: blog dhcsoul @ easyjournal) All About Vodka Search Cocktails / Beer All ...”
Spaceflight Handbook
“An artical by Andrea Moore - (All Headline News Staff Reporter) outlines the early moves ...”
Viable is Here
“Congratulations - dsoul.blogharbor.com is now online! Login and post your first articles and pictures Access your weblog's ...”
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“ Controlling the Speed of Light -- Up and Down (tags: light science physics c) Mathematicians solve old ...”
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“ E-tracking, coming to a DMV near you | Perspectives | CNET News.com (tags: e-tracking gps privacy ...”
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“ Max Planck Society - Press Release (tags: brain cybernetics) Akihabara News - RoBoCup 2005 : the pictures ...”
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“ Rollyo: Roll Your Own Search Engine (tags: Rollyo dhcsoul cybernetics) Cybernetics - by DHC Soul1 Search Engine (tags: ...”
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“ Innovation Happens Elsewhere (tags: opensource business Kyzen innovation) newsmap (tags: news maps mashup web2.0) Bad Designs - Table of ...”
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“ LJBook (Turn your blog into a PDF Book) (tags: blog livejournal) ”
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“ Powers of Ten - Google Video (tags: astronomy reference science space video visualization powers 10 education) More ...”
Managerial Cybernetics
“Anyone familiar with the work of Stafford Beer in the area of Viable Systems ...”
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“ DailyCandy - Everyone's an Expert (tags: squidoo Kyzen) Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop (tags: cybernetics metalens lens squidoo dhcsoul ...”
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“ Complex Systems Home Page (tags: complexity complex systems) ”
One Lens to View Them All: A Squidoo Cybernetics Metalens
“I've been generating lenses at quite a clip... the idea of a Squidoo lens is ...”
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“ FeedPing.com - Free RSS Pinging to All Major Directories (tags: aggregator rss blogs Kyzen) YourDailyFeed.com (tags: blog reference ...”
Closure of a Program
“At the University of Bradford (UK) its been announced that the Department of Cybernetics, Internet ...”
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“ cybernetics » home (tags: dhcsoul dsoul davidsoul Kyzen wiki cybernetics) Cybernetics (tags: cybernetics dhcsoul davidsoul dsoul Kyzen blog) TED ...”
links for 2005-12-14
“ Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Dear Squidfolk - My Experiences with Squidoo so Far (tags: blog ...”
links for 2005-12-14
“ Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Dear Squidfolk - My Experiences with Squidoo so Far (tags: blog ...”
links for 2005-12-14
“ Journey (tags: dhcsoul dsoul soul Kyzen blog) Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Dear Squidfolk - My Experiences ...”
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“ First Thing Monday (tags: blog books) stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site (tags: photos Kyzen free ...”
Much Squidoo
“So I've been busy over at Squidoo.... you can find there several different lenses that ...”
Complex Event Processing
“Event Processing David Luckham's CEP ...”
Hello world!
“This is my "second" blog... I'm using it in conjunction with the social network Flock ...”
WARNING - Silos of Information!
“Alan Brookstone writes: "It has always been my position that as much as possible, physicians who work ...”
High Hopes Meet Harsh Reality
“In the CanadianEMR Alan Brookstone points to  an interesting article in  Managed Care Magazine outlining some ...”
The case for the 20 minute Case Study
“In the CanadianEMR Alan Brookstone raises the question: "what can you do when you evaluate an ...”
A tale of two provinces
“In Technology for Doctors,  Joaquim P. Menzies notes that the resemblence between Ontario's ePhysician Program ...”
Portability of information between different EMR systems
“In CanadianEMR Alan Brookstone notes: "One of the frequently recurring questions is that of portability of information ...”
Transition to Electronic Medical Records: CPSA Guidelines
“The College of Physicians and Surgeons Alberta issued this guideline to address quality of care, ...”
US - 6th Annual Survey of Electronic Health Record Trends and Usage
“CanadianEMR contains a pointer to a survey from the US Medical Records Istitute that provides ...”
Changes in lab reporting values - Creates a Dilemma
“In CanadianEMR Dr. Brookstone reports that a change in the presentation of  lab results has ...”
Electronic medical records: Creating the environment for change
“In an article in the BC Medical Journal Dr Brookstone, a family physician in Richmond, ...”
Open Source EMR vs. Commercial EMR
“In this thread on CanadianEMR Dr. Brookstone initiates the debate with the comment: "If open source ...”
Practicing in Electronic Islands!
“In this debate in CanadianEMR physicians take a stab at the problem being unable to ...”
EMR: Lessons from Small Physician Practices
“In this posting on CanadianEMR, Alan Brookstone points to a paper published by theUniversity of ...”
Some Comments on EMR from the British Experience
“In this article on CanadianEMR the comments of Dr. Mike Bainbridge (Head of Clinical Application ...”
High Speed Internet Access
“In this thread in CanadianEMR, Dr Brookstone indicates: "the high-speed access provides me with quick and ...”
The Impact of EMR on Staff
“Alan Brookstone has noted that it is not unusual to have a high turnover of ...”
How do you backup patient data?
“In this discussion (4 posts) in Canadian EMR the question of backing up an EMR ...”
Is age a factor in coverting to EMR?
“In this discussion in the CanadianEMR (including 5 comments),  Alan Brookstone notes that many physicians ...”
BCMA IT Policy Paper
“The British Columbia Medical Association has published an IT policy paper.Entitled: Getting IT Right ...”
Thoughts on 'Costs of EMR and who should pay for EMR'
“This discussion on CanadianEMR raises the question becomes who will (should) pay for the  cost ...”
The Status of Physician Computing
“An article by Dr. Alan Brookstone (Republished from Canadian Healthcare Technology - September 2003) forms ...”
BCMA Policy backgounder: EMR and the Core Data Set
“The BC Medical Association has taken the position that it supports the creation of electronically-based ...”