Particls goes Public Beta

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Your first time here? Welcome, I'm glad you've dropped in.... David Soul (aka Bricoleur)

learns what you care about and alerts you when there’s new information on those subjects…

I’ve been using Particls in Beta for about 2 months now and am completely sold on it! They reached a new milestone today … Public Beta… Congratulations to Chris and all the gang …

What makes Particls different?

From News
Readers –
Particls is not a newsreader, it is an alerts platform.

This means that information is displayed ‘while you work on other things’ in a heads-up-display presentation style. In this way users can keep working while staying informed.

From Widget/Gadget Engines – Particls is not a gadget/widget engine.
Gadgets/Widgets each represent a window into a single source of information (E.g. “the stock quotes widget” displays stock quotes).

In contrast, Particls Output Adapters are each designed to consume varying levels of user attention. Particls evaluates an incoming piece of information and gives it a rank of ‘Personal Relevance’ to the user.

Particls then uses the right Output Adapter so that it consumes only the amount of attention required for the relevancy of
the alert.

You can download from there site or directly using this:

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