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These are keywords used in the EMR categories of the Viable Web Site:

ASP     Application Service Provider – a model for system delivery where software is offered as a service from a centralized provider rather than as a licensed or purchased local computer application



CanadianEMR A web resource where Canadian physicians or users of EMR system are welcome to post questions or comments about EMR or their experiences in this area (anyone can view the site, no registration required)

CCR Continuity of Care Record work is proceeding on an international standard for a core set of information that should be included in a transferable patient care record.  In the meantime much has been done in different juridsictions on core data sets and the electronic transfer of primary care records.  Links to articles can be found using this keywork.


EMR Electronic Medical Record (considered on this site to be synonymous with EHR or electronic health Record)


implementation articles links pertaining to the installation and implementation of EMR

Infoway A program of the Canadian Government in conjuction with provincial Ministires of Health for the development of an electronic health infrastructure

interoperability one of the concerns for effective use of EMR systems is in their ability to work with other medical systems inlcuding other EMRs.

Lab Results Articles concerning the electronic communication of lab results between lab and primary care systems


MedicoLegal t


PatientCenreredCare EHR should not detract from patient care.  In fact, properly designed and used it should lead to better care and should allow more not less focus on the patient themselves. With this keyword you can find iformation on primary care best practices.

PHR Personal Health Record

PITO Physician Information Technology Program (British Columbia) – a program to speed adoption of EMR in primary care settings

POSP  Physician Office System Program (Alberta) – a program to  speed adoption of EMR  in primary care settings







VisualDisplay Simply transferring a paper display to a electronic screen display is hardly the way to use technology effectively.  The real stregths of EHR will only come to the fore if the systems can be used to do things that simply cannot be done with paper.  This will require innovative use of screen displays to overcome some of the limitations of this medium compared to the richness of display and  “quick eyeball scan” capability of paper.  This keyword will give access to ways that the other powers of digital recording and transmission of data can give results that paper never good — in ways that can relegate paper to at best a seconday medium within primary care.

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