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Alan Brookstone writes in Canadian EMR:

“One of the big issues that has recently come to my attention and
something that I have discussed with colleagues in BC and around the
country is that of the migration of patient information (clinical and
other data) that is stored in one EMR when migrating to a new EMR

He again raises the point that he has broached elsewhere:

… if an existing user of an EMR
decides to migrate to a new system, there may be a medico-legal
imperitive for that physician to maintain a copy of the 'old' EMR
system INDEFINITELY on an additional computer in the office in the
event that an audit trail would need to be produced in the future. This
is a very real problem.

There are many issues raised in the comments to Dr. Brookstones piece (especially interesting are those referencing medico-legal reporting requirements) that make this piece worth reviewing:

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