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Its soon to be much harder to keep on top of LensRank… I hope that the 14 day rolling window is the right period… certainly it should handle “event” pages (for example SuperBowl LX or Valentines Day 2006) quite well, but for intermediate events, it may extinquish a tad too quickly…I’m thinking here of something that had a bimodal interest node…early flury at some early event, low but some interest through a ‘flat middle’ and then rasing to a crescendo… but if people can’t find what they are looking for during the ‘flat middle’ they may end up going elsewhere ….Search is still far from perfect (but has improved and the multiple top 100 lists improves things to a great degree)… but the only way to know for sure will be to follow the bouncing Ranking… interesting times for LensMasters…. heres part of the SquidBlog story:

SquidBlog » Blog Archive » Shaking up the Bestsellers
At Squidoo, we’ve decided to shake things up a little. (Not that we suggest you shake your cream or milk containers.)
LensRank (how we determine a lens’s popularity) will still be based on the same formula, measuring things like traffic, click-outs, reader ratings, inbound links and affiliate sales. But now we’re going to change when that formula is calculated. On Monday we’re going to introduce a 14-day rolling window.
Which means what, exactly? Well, that our lensrank calculations will be done using data from the past two weeks, rather than looking strictly at a lens’s lifetime of publication. That will ensure that the freshest, timeliest and most actively updated lenses aren’t trumped by the lenses that perform well because they’ve been around longer. Squidoo is still rewarding the exact same qualities, but we’re tossing the grandfather clause out the window.
So, heads up that you might see some interesting changes in ranking this week. No, it’s not an accident. Yes, your lens can still rise to the top. Now that we have more than 13,000 lenses, the competition is getting a little stiffer!

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