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Your first time here? Welcome, I'm glad you've dropped in.... David Soul (aka Bricoleur)

I’m David HC Soul … and for those of you old enough to  remember no
not THAT one … although I have been known to answer to the name

This web site covers an number of things of interest to me in my professional life:

  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) – an
    emerging way of looking at ways to manage the complexity inherent in
    our global and enterprise computer and communications systems
  • Cybernetics – the science of
    communication and control in animal and machine – especially the design
    of viable business systems according to Stafford Beer’s VSM (viable
    systems model)
  • Sensor Networks – as the actual
    delivery platform for CEP systems designed according to the principles
    of Viable System Constuction (Cybernetics)
  • Systemic and/or design errors being passed off as “human error”
  • Embedded systems – as they are used for the construction of sensor networks etc. for our event networks
  • Privacy – as all the above have an
    impact on our personal privacy, precautions and security of
    confidential and private information is a must
  • Protection of intellectual property
    – as the head of a company that builds onboth  its intellectual
    property and the skills of our knowledge based workers, we are vitally
    interested in this field, and very concerned about abuses in the field
    of Patent Law …
  • This site is a reflection of my personal interests and any opinions expressed are my own (or the named contibutor)……

I also have another blog
…  more of a journal that captures things of interest of a broader
reach (or perhaps just those ‘bright and shiny’ things that catch my

David Soul:

1994–2005                    INETCO
Systems Limited

President & CEO

Previously held positions of Chairman, VP
R&D, VP Admin/Finance, VP Finance

Responsible for all areas of the company
operations and grew an international client base in 48 countries with its
specialty software products in the data communications / transaction processing
arena with SDTN (short duration transaction network) technologies.

1991 – 1994 Kaizen
Systems/J Kunickey & Co

Management Consultant / Certified General Accountant

Private practicer public accountant.

Consulting roles in manufacturing resource
planning implementation.


Miscellaneous contracting & other jobs

1991–1990                    Memex
Systems Inc.

General Manager
In charge of software customization/developers
and consultants for vendor of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) and
Accounting Software.

Assisted clients in determining their business
needs in the manufacturing control and management systems areas and in the
determination of customization required to Memex’s suite of products to achieve

§ Led programming team through the development

1986–1990                    Jet
Equipment & Tools

Importer/ distributor of machinery, hardware
equipment and hand tools with branches across
Implemented forecasting and management systems
to allow control and substantial reduction of nation wide inventories from a
centralized facility in an environment with up to 6 month lead times for stock
replenishments from Asian suppliers.

1984–1985                    Dilor
Industries Limited

VC funded high tech startup developing leading
edge parallel computer based theatrical/TV production lighting control systems
and industrial lighting energy savings controls.

1980–1984                    Gough
Electric Limited

Secretary /Treasurer

Previous positions included: Controller,
Assistant Controller, Accounting Manager


$92 Million revenue, distributor of electrical
hardware and programmable control systems to the construction, mining and
forestry sectors through 35 Branches

§ Responsible for all aspects of finance and
accounting including credit, collections, management accounting, external
accounting, branch accounting as well as IT operations and Systems Development.

1972–1980                    Flecto
Coatings Limited

Manager Data Processing and Accounting
Previous positions included: Cost Accountant,
Inventory Control Supervisor, Production Lead Hand, Development Technician, QA

Through positions in quality control, product
development, manufacturing, inventory management, production management,
accounting and data processing I was involved in all aspects of the internal
operations of the firm which produced coatings for consumer and marine

Volunteer work for not for profit organization:

BC Lacrosse Association – (Treasurer : 16,000
member provincial sports organization).

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