Are smarter people better at ignoring things?

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from collision detection: Are smarter people better at ignoring things?
A team
testing the “visual working memory”  of a group of subjects by getting them to look at red and blue bricks in a picture found, much their  suprise, that  people with the largest capacity  VWM weren't actually retaining lots of additional information, but infact were simply selective in what they retained….or possibly the real genius comes in stripping out inessential information (filtering) and holding only in mind the red bricks that the researchers asked them to pay attention to.

This, of course, is exactly the type of thing that we would expect a “viable” system should do… keep the requisite variety in balance by filtering …. one of the problems with our corporate IT systems is they are built with an underlying assumption that management's problem is in retaining huge quatities of raw data … so the database will step up, and by george… it will store everything.   Making subsequent analysis just a tad difficult sometimes…. in the move to real time worlds in business, there is a lesson to be learned here.

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