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Naranda Brokering project at the Community Grids Lab [@ Indiana
University] is an open source project that researches fundamental
issues pertaining to distributed middleware systems.”

“NarandaBrokering is a distibuted messaging infrastructure and
provides two closely reltated capabilities.  First, it provides a
message oriented (MoM) which faclitates communications between entities
(which includes clients, resources, services and proxies thereto)
throught the exchange of messages.  Second, it provides a notification
framework by efficiently routing messages from the originators to only
the registered consumers of the message in question.”

“NarandaBrokering places no constraints on the size, rate and scope
of the interactions encapsulated within these events or the numbers of
entities present in the system.”

“Future versions of NarandaBrokering will include implementations of the following Web Service specifications

(a) WS-Eventing (Jan 2005)
(b) WS-ReliableMessaging (jan 2005)
(c) WS-Notification (Early 2005)
(d) WS-Reliability (early 2005) “

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