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Le Subscribe: Publish and Subscribe on the Web at Extreme Speed

“Nowadays there is a proliferation of selective dissemination of
information applications.  This is due to the fact that there is more
and more dynamic information availbable through the web.  For example,
we can easilty find in the Web information concerning stocks, sales,
tickets, documents.  Web uses would like to be notifvied when new
relevant information is produces.  A user may be interested in
receiving a norification when a given stock reaches a certain value.”

“A big challenge to build content based publish-subscdribe systems
is to solve the trade-off between (matching) performance and the
expressiveness of the publication and subscriptions language they can
support.  Our research work focuses on designing scalable
pattern-matching algorithms which enable powerful subscription
languages on complex data.  These algorithms are the hear of our two
publish and subscribe prototypes called Lwee Subscribe and WebFilter.
Bothe prototypes aim at Large-scale and High-trhoughput subscriptions
processing for selective information dissemination on the internet and
in Wireless enfironments.”- goto

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