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This presentation by Opher Etzion (IBM Research Laboratory, Haifa) was
made at the European Business Rules Conference (June 2004) 
(preliminary info on the 2005 conference, (Amsterdam June 2005) can be
found <here>).


“Analysts have designated complex event
processing as an emerging area in 2003. While classic event processing
system has implemented the ECA (Event-Condition-Action) paradigm,
meaning that a reaction is to an occurrence of a single event, in
complex event processing, the reaction can be to a (possibly) complex
combination of events. Examples

  • Notify me when IBM stock has gone up 3 percent within 2 hours.
  • If a platinum or gold customer has complained three times, send a customer representative to call him.
  • If all printers in the same floor are off-line at the same time, send an alert to the operator. “


The presentation covers the a-z of  complex event processing:

  • possible applications,
  • basic components of complex event processing,
    • events
    • situations
    • contexts 
  • state of the art in CEP,
  • relation to other technologies
    • BAM – Business Activity Monitoring
    • RTE – Real Time Enterprise
    • Model Based Architectures
  • future directions 

The presentation also explores work by IBM RESEARCH in this area, including both rule based and model based approaches.

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