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Gartner is spreading the word far and wide… I just came across this piece in Indiatimes Infotech (June 2004)

BANGALORE: Enterprises must rethink
their IT infrastructure and begin to implement service-oriented
architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM), says global
IT research firm Gartner …..

Gartner said companies like Oracle,
PeopleSoft, SAP and Siebel Systems are reacting to the new challenge of
service-oriented architecture with a new class of business
applications, called service oriented business applications (Soba).
Soba provides extended functionality for use on web services
standards.  …..

enterprises adopt SOAs on a broad scale, Gartner said complex event
processing will become the next challenge. It highlighted event-driven
architecture as the next development to compliment SOA. Event-driven
architecture will allow businesses to detect, report and react to
unpredictable events.

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