Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)

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standard method should be developed to collect and relay
instantaneously and automatically all types of hazard warnings and
reports locally, regionally and nationally for input into a wide
variety of dissemination systems.”

“Effective Disaster Warnings”
Report by the Working Group on Natural Disaster Information Systems
Subcommittee on Natural Disaster Reduction
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
National Science and Technology Council
November 2000

This statement led to the development of 
the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) an open, non-proprietary standard
data interchange format that can be used to collect all types of hazard
warnings and reports locally, regionally and nationally, for input into
a wide range of information-management and warning dissemination

Common Alerting Protocol will benefit a) the public, b) public agencies
and private concerns (such as industrial plant operators) with warning
responsibilities, and c) developers of new sensor, threat-evaluation
and warning-dissemination technologies:


2001 and 2002 the ad-hoc Working Group of more than 130
emergency-management practitioners, technologists and academic experts
developed and refined a draft specification for the CAP alert message.

In 2003 the national non-profit Partnership for Public Warning endorsed the CAP effort and sponsored its submission to the OASIS XML standards process.

OASIS Emergency Management XML Technical Committee has accepted the
contribution of the CAP draft standard and is now conducting a rigorous
technical and operational review and refinement of the design in its
Notification Methods and Messages Subcommittee.

Follow the link to the CAP home page:goto

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