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Your first time here? Welcome, I'm glad you've dropped in.... David Soul (aka Bricoleur)

There are many advantages to the news format I use for this site,
but also many disadvantages.  Prime among these is the difficulting in
“finding” old postings that are currently needed … also there is very
little ability to structure the stories except by the very broad
sections I show in the navitgation bar.  But many of the stories
and links to CEP specific web sites are are actually pointers to
articles or reseach monographs of lasting interest.

Further, while there are many resources to learn about CEP on the
web,  unfortunately they are often hidden from plain sight by the use
of company (or academic) specific terminology.  A very real problem of
“where did I see that?” arises that is not easily addressed through the
use of a browser's bookmark feature.

So I've added a new resource to this site …
this Complex Event Processing “Start Here Guide:  In it you will find
pointers to a wide variety of resources avaialble on both the web and
in the physical world:

  • CEP articles
    • magazine articles
    • e-zine
    • corporate whitepapers
    • academic monographs & research papers
  • Web sites
    • corporatations with CEP related technologies and products
    • Independent CEP websites
    • Acedemic CEP related websites
    • weblogs
  • Books
    • CEP specific
    • related technologies
  • Internal Links
    • articles, news items of lasting interest on this site

This selection should serve as both an introduction to the field and
a rich index to”where the neat stuff is” for even those well versed in
the current state of the art what is a rapidly expanding field.

Please note that as of its introduction
today (Jan 1, 2005) this resource is still  under construction  …. 
but should get richer in the days ahead…. I've put a separate menu
item in the navigaror bar (under features) so you can come back to it
easily again and again if desired.

[update: As of Jan 5, it has about
20% of the historical listings I expect it to have…. of course it
will be kept up todate with new items…. but it should be of some use

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