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IT discover information systems problems only after operational
business processes are disrupted?  Does it take more than 10 minutes to
identify delays in message delivery or connection failures?  Do you
lack the ability to track the location of critical information or
ensure information is distributed to all systems at the right time?  Do
you find this acceptable? Neither does Accenx.

Accenx Technologies launched RyTrak™  February 2002 with the following press release:

Santa Ana, CA – Accenx Technologies, Inc.,
a leader in integration solutions, announces the launch of RyTRAK™, an
information tracking and archiving system. RyTRAK™ is an innovative,
patent-pending solution that improves business processes and enhances
data security by ensuring that the information flowing on the network
is secure, accurate and follows designated pathways.

RyTRAK™ is a proactive monitor that tracks
and archives the information flowing throughout an enterprise and
between business partners. RyTRAK™ provides real-time alerts that
pinpoint the exact location of data traffic problems, helping
organizations ensure that vital information is delivered reliably and
efficiently. Its archiving ability allows users to capture and review
all transaction activities for auditing and security purposes. RyTRAK™
is easy and cost effective for organizations to implement, because it
is independent of the underlying enterprise platforms and applications.

to the company, TRAK™ provides real-time connection monitoring to
ensure critical business data is delivered to the right location, at
the right time. RyTRAK™'s connection monitor identifies any problems
throughout a transaction's life, from the point of origin, through each
network connection, to the transaction's final destination, pinpointing
the cause of the issue in real-time.

addition to recognizing connection failures, RyTRAK™'s connection
monitor can proactively monitor for expected transactions. something
that application interfaces typically cannot. RyTRAK™ proactively
monitors to ensure specific transactions flow through the interface
within specific periods of time.

If problems  are encountered
at any network connection or, as outlined above if  there is a lack of
expected information flow, alerts may be sent to the appropriate
person(s) to take corrective acrtion. – goto
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