Architecture-Based Development And Evolution

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is an annual workshop that facilitates exploration of issues and
potential for consensus in software architectures for spacecraft ground
systems (SGSs). It provides an international forum for SGS users,
developers, and researchers to share their experiences through
presentations, working groups, and panel discussions.

is on the dissemination of new ideas and lessons learned in the
creation, application, and evaluation of software architectures that
meet the technological challenges of SGS development

At GSAW 1999 a presentation (pdf)
titled “Software Architectures: What are we Building?”  was made by
Roger J. Dziegiel, Jr (AFRL/IFTD) on Architecture-Based Development And
Evolution (ARCHIE).  The project includes multiple projects including
Stanford’s (David Luckham) Rapide work.

The project was based on a recognition of the following problems:

  • Paradigm
    shift to the development of application families and an increased
    reliance on component reuse necessitates advanced mechanisms for
    representing system architecture
  • No
    commonly accepted definition of architecture beyond notions of
    components and connectors; emerging ADLs, but terminology is not fixed
    and competing languages and logics are used:

    • Difficulty predicting/analyzing functional/extrafunctional characteristics of integrated components
    • Architectural archeology (e.g., recovery of architectural information from legacy systems)

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