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has announced a new release of its Halo Real Time Event Server. Version
4 adds two additional methods for event processing: time-series and

Time-series event processing detects change
conditions over a moving time window — for example, moving price
averages or network performance degradation. Text-based event
processing detects anomalies in unstructured data sources — for
example email, news stories, and instant messages. Version 4 filters,
normalizes, detects and responds to over 100,000 events per second on a
2-CPU Intel processor.

According to company press releases,
iSpheres, which was founded in 1998, is a pioneer in “sense and
respond” technology and launched its first production event server in
2000. Derived from military command and control systems, event servers
monitor distributed data environments for asynchronous events and
execute application functions in real-time.

iSpheres' origin can
be traced to  a 10-year research project funded by the U.S. military
and conducted at the California Institute of Technology. The
“Infospheres Project” yielded the algorithms and framework for iSpheres
core technology.  – goto
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