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Lappeenranta University of Technology
electrical engineering department
Arseniy Krasikov
The Viable System Model in the analysis of the project management
Master’s thesis
53 pages, 14 figures, 1 table and 1 appendix
Examiners: Professor Pertti Selvintoinen
Professor Tuomo K¨assi
Keywords: cybernetics, systems theory, the VSM, Viable System Model, project management, complex systems analysis

The paper is made to understand modern (especially cybernetic) methods of complex systems analysis and management, to explain scientific basis of the Viable System Model, to compare theoretical model with developed project management system in Company.

The manuscript purposes are achieved by studying of scientific papers from scien- tific journals collection such as Elsevier ( or Emer- ald ( Scientific basis of the VSM is gotten from Stafford Beer explanation and from personal investigation of neurophysiology and cybernetics history. The comparison is made by “objective” (studying of official com- pany documentation ) and “subjective” (personal interviewing) methods.

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