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stories now in print in the January 2005 (vol 13, No. 1) of Software
Development under the promo “A primer for the new age of self-tracking
products” …. 

first is somewhat remarkable in its mixing up of concepts of wireless
data sensors with RFID tags and where each would actually be  used
(e.g.”the mash is RFID monitored for chemisty” then later “during the bottling process, RFID tags on cases …. enable a complete genealogy of the wine from vineyard to end product.”*)
but it then moves on to a fairly good review of some of the barriers to
implementation before coming to the conclusion that there are many
rewards and few risks and “For those who make the leap the benefit of
RFID will grow as they achieve operational integration.”  A sidebar
gives tip of the hat towards the importance of Complex Event Processing
(CEP) in distibuted message-based systems.

Coming to a Store Near You  – By Peter Henry
mandate or no, radio-frequency identification technology is gradually
expanding beyond the retail world into other areas. But those seeking
to adopt RFID solutions can learn much from what retailers have
accomplished—and what they plan to unveil.

second article is self described as “a crib sheet” with pointers to 
resources avaialble to systems developers, and has several useful web

RFID Primer – By Rick Wayne
RFID technology into your organization’s business can represent a
fundamental transformation, like the decision to use computers in the
first place. Here’s a crib sheet of available SDKs, service providers
and other resources to get you on your way.

here I'm reminded of one of Stanford Beer's (the father of managerial
cybernetics) poems ” How Many Grapes Went into the Wine” (otherwise
known as “The Cost Benefit Analysis Song”)

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