sponsored by IEEE Communications Society, the 2nd European Workshop on
Wireless Sensor Networks [EWSN 2005] will be held Jan. 31 – Feb. 2,
2005 in Istanbul, Turkey

Wireless sensor networks
(WSN) – networks of tiny, autonomous devices equipped with wireless
communication – are a topic of active research in a number of different
research communities, ranging from hardware to applications. WSNs are
characterized by a need to carefully integrate functionalities
traditionally considered to be separate in order to achieve maximum
efficiency, especially with respect to energy consumption and
management. Hence, a close interaction of research from different
backgrounds is required. Additionally, WSNs are
evolving from simple data transportation networks to functionally rich
distributed systems, e.g., because actuators in the network have to be

goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from different
backgrounds, from hardware to applications, to create a forum where
cross-layer integration, novel solutions for specific problems, and the
future development of WSN functionalities can be discussed.

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