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In this book by Simon Head (Oxford University Press, 2003) the author maintains that information technology is being used not to liberate workers from drudgery but to further their regimentation… as the HBR says “A sobering view of the new workplace.”

Head maintains that far from empowering, the net result of the implementation of the principles of industrialization to skilled (knowledge work, whether at the high income profession positions such
as the physician or with the skilled work of lower-inome workers such as call center agents)is what he calls “skill debilitation.”

His message is clear, especially when Head speaks out against all encompasing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: work is becoming more onerous and closely controlled.

This book is descriptive and doesn’t cover what regular readers of this site will know is our premise — that he design of viable systems through the use of sound managerial cybernetics foundations should not be compromised… something that appears not to be the case in the sites that Head has reviewed in his studies.

The book is evidence of why systems design must not be left to the single focus of low variety re-engineering efforts.

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