Technology over Tsunami ?

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David Coursey isn't so sure that a computerized monitoring system would have saved lives…. human nature being what it is….

What none of the newswires appear to be
picking up is that even without bouys in the pacific to monitor the
existance/progress during the ~2 1/2 hours for the wave to hit India
the siesmic monitoring stations (showing a 9 magnitude quake in the
trench of Sumatra) gave prima facie evidence that a tsuanmi could be
expected … while not all earthquakes do generate them , one at such a
shallow depth within the earth at the bottom of an ocean trench, and a
magnitude of this high, almost guarantees one….could no one pick up
the phone?  Did anybody?

Tsunami Warning Systems Need Major Work

David Coursey (eWeek – December 28, 2004)

“How do you tell millions of people living close to the sea
that they need to leave—right now? Especially when many have never
heard of a tsunami before.”

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