Human error: models and management

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A most interesting article in BMJ (British Medical journal) …..

BMJ 2000;320:768-770 ( 18 March )
Education and debate

Human error: models and management by James Reason, professor of psychology. Department of Psychology, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL

“The human error problem can be viewed in two ways: the person approach and the system approach. Each has its model of error causation and each model gives rise to quite different philosophies of error management. Understanding these differences has important practical implications for coping with the ever present risk of mishaps in clinical practice.”

Summary points

 Two approaches to the problem of human fallibility exist: the person and the system approaches

The person approach focuses on the errors of individuals, blaming them for forgetfulness, inattention, or moral weakness

The system approach
concentrates on the conditions under which individuals work and tries
to build defences to avert errors or mitigate their effects

High reliability
organisations – which have less than their fair share of accidents –
recognise that human variability is a force to harness in averting
errors, but they work hard to focus that variability and are constantly
preoccupied with the possibility of failure

The author comes to the conclusion “High reliability organisations are the prime examples of the system approach. They anticipate the worst and equip themselves to deal with it at all levels of the organisation. …..” 

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