Wrinkle in 'Seamless' Feel of the Web

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U.S. Patent No. 5,838,906 was assigned by
the University of California to Chicago based Eolas Technology in
return for a protion of any royalties Eolas managed to raise.
year, when the initial success of Eolas in a court case against
Microsoft was announced, it  seemed to have hit the software quite hard
in the pocket book and made thier life difficult.  The action was
hearaded by many at the time as great stuff… but not so fast …
now some of the ramifications are coming to light.  In a sory in
Los Angeles Times (02/05/04) by  Michael Hiltzik its revealed that:

The World Wide Web Consortium, was so shocked to discover that a key
element of its technology was subject to royalties that it asked the
U.S. Patent Office to overturn the patent outright. The agency has
agreed to take another look, a process that could take at least a year.

Apparently W3C feels that enforcement of the patent could cause “substantial economic and technical damage to operation of the World Wide Web.” – goto

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