Is your car spying on you?

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To get key accident data, 30 million cars now record drivers' behavior.

| Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

was only a matter of time. For several years, electronic devices in
cars have monitored acceleration and braking to save fuel and improve
safety. Now, they're saving some of that data to give automakers and
police a better idea of how you drive.” …..

This is another example of where technology has outstripped the law and certain assumptions of how the world works,”
says Jay Stanley, director of communications for the Technology and
Liberty Project at the American Civil Liberties Union in New York.” ….

The data can be misleading if you're not a seasoned accident reconstructionist,”
adds Bob Kreeb, an engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington who
chaired a committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers to set
standards for the data gathered from black boxes. “So it needs to be
interpreted and validated.” – goto

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