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 Squidoo: I've been participating in the Squidoo Beta …

I now have
several lenses that deal with the subjects of Cybernetics and General
Systems Theory… I'll have more posts about that later… but for now
I encourage you to have a look at the potential of Squidoo… perhaps
take a look first at 'DandyCandy: Everyones an Expert' for a great synopsis of what Squidoo is all about… then move on over to squidoo.com itself and just have a look around….. I'm sure you'll be impressed.

indicated previously, I have a number of Squidoo Lenses — so far
all concentrated around the topics of Cybernetics, General Systems
Theory, and Systems Thinking — all with a 'management application'
focus. <and all, as of this writing on Jan 1, 2005 are still 'works
in progress' and are prbably weeks away from full completion)

The best starting place for access to these is through a 'Metalens' (or if you wish, a 'start here guide') to the Squidoo Lenses
I and others have created on Squidoo …. you can find it at squidoo.com/cyberneticlens

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