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Anyone familiar with the work of Stafford Beer  in the area of Viable Systems (VSM) will want to see the practical application of the model and the role that managerial cybernetics can play in coping with environmental complexity.

By Raul Espejo, Werner Schuuhmann, Markus Schwaninger & Ulbaldo Bilello (Wiley 1996) this book is both theoretical and practical… a rare feat that is carried off extremely well by these authors .

Back Cover CopyZ:
Todays managers are increasingly busy and less inclined than ever to cope with difficult theoretical propositions. For this very reason, the managers to whom this book will appear daunting are the ones who have most to gain. This book aims to make their own jobs, and the organizations they work for, more satisfying and humane. There are no apologies for this circular argument. The theory upon which this book is based is a theory on managing complexity — those who make the effort to study it are likely to have a useful and valuable learning experience. Organizational Transformation and Learning is more than theory in isolation. The ideas have been worked out in practice to approach five fundamental issues:

  • How can organizations cope with increasing environmental complexity?
  • How can they maintain viability and develop further at the same time?
  • How can organizational action become more effective?
  • How can managers cope with increasing organizational complexity?
  • How can their action become more effective?

Given that complexity is the core issue for organizations to deal with in the future, Organizational Transformation and Learning shows in theory and practice how organizational and managerial cybernetics can contribute to dealing with this core issue. It provides a framework to relate and organize the myriad activities common to contemporary business. The book will change the readers appreciation of their role in the organization and make each action more effective.

In plain terms, the authors believe that organizational transformation begins with individual transformation, and intend that this book will encourage that individual transformation.

My ranking: * * * * *

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