Content Based Routing with Elvin

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“Elvin is a network communications product with a difference; rather than messages being directed by applications from one component to another, Elvin messages are routed to one or more locations, based entirely on the content of each message.”

“Quenching is an unique feature of the Elvin service. It allows producers to receive information about what consumers are expecting of them so that they need only generate the events that are in demand.

This is important for some classes of producers where the act of producing the event is intensive.”

“It’s somewhat of a paradox that the flexibility of a system built with Elvin allows some parts to be made from non-updatable components such as PICs and embedded ROMs. But this is exactly the case. A
producer that is tightly coupled to a hardware component, such as a sensor in a car, does not need to be upgraded until the sensor or even car, is replaced. However, the way the information provided by the
sensor is used can evolve beyond the initial design.”


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