Defining Cybernetics

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“the science of control and communication in the animal and the machine” – Norber Wiener

So said the man who first used the word in the context of modern systems contol.

Here on the American Society for Cybernetics can be be found many definitions that reflect the multidisciplinary origins and uses of cybernetic studies …. including one from the ASC constituition itself:

Cybernetics seeks to develop general theories of communication within complex systems. … The abstract and often formal mathematical nature of its aim … makes cybernetics applicable to any empirical domain in which processes of communication and their numerous correlates occur.

Applications of cybernetics are widespread, notably In the computer and information sciences, in the natural and social sciences, in politics, education and management.”

The entries in the ASC list (including definitions by W. Ross Ashby, Gregory Bateson, Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Stafford Beer,Heinz von Forester,Humberto Maturana, William McCulloch. Margaret Mead, Gordon Pask, Francisco Varela) themselves give a snapshot of the development of the field from its very early days to the present time……


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