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“Cybernetics – “the study of communication and control in the animal and the machine”
(N.Wiener) – has recently returned to the forefront, not only in cyberspace and cyberpunk, but, even more important, contributing to the corroboration of various scientific theories. Additionally, an ever
increasing number of research areas, including social and economic theories, theoretical biology, ecology, computer science, and robotics draw on ideas from second order cybernetics. Artificial intelligence, evolved directly from cybernetics, has not only technological and economic, but also important social impacts. With a marked trend towards interdisciplinary cooperation and global perspectives, this important role of cybernetics is expected to be further strengthened
over the next years.

Since 1972, the biennial European Meetings on
Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR) have served as a forum for discussion of converging ideas and new aspects of different scientific disciplines. As on previous occasions, a number of sessions providing wide coverage of the rapid developments will be arranged, complemented
with daily plenary meetings, where eminent speakers will present latest research results. “


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