Oliver Selfridge: pioneer of artificial intellegence

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Oliver Selfridge, who has died aged 82, was a British-born pioneer of Artificial Intelligence, and was also the grandson of the founder of the Selfridges department store.

In a 1958 paper, Pandemonium: a Paradigm for Learning, he outlined a neurologically inspired system of electronic machine components, which he called “demons”, that reacted to common elements in each other.

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This well known paper,Pandemonium: A Paradigm for Learning , describes an early model of human information processing notable for its simplicity yet high degree of parallelism.  The basis of having multiple independent systems simultaneously look at an input and respond according to their own bias simple yet powerful and at odds with traditional computer models of the time.  Selfridge maintained, however, that with appropriate memory and computing elements in great profusion (as in the case of biological systems) laid out according to the Pandemonium Architecture the problem of waste of processing power in a computer implementation of it would disappear.  Selfridge introduced the notion of “demons” that record events as they occur, recognize patterns in those events, and may trigger subsequent events according to patterns they recognize. Over time, this idea gave rise to Aspect-oriented programming.

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