Dr. Whitaker's ACM siggroup pages
on 'Self-organization' (which is a popular theme in current studies of
human social activity, enterprises, and IT) introduce one
well-developed theory of self-organization (autopoietic theory) and
discusses its application to enterprises and their management. The goto
 link takes you to Section II of work (it assumes a familiarity with
the basic concepts and terminology of autopoietic theory ….if you do
not currently possess such understanding, best to proceed step-by-step
through Section I: “Overview of Autopoietic Theory”

“This document introduces “The aspect of autopoietic theory most
important to enterprise researchers is its attitude and application to
the study of human (inter-)activity and the social systems within which
this occurs. This point of intersection has already been employed in
social / management analyses of enterprises and / or their information
technology needs. In the information technology (IT) community, Winograd and Flores (1986) are the most widely known and cited authors who invoke autopoietic theory in analyzing enterprise activities.”

Cybersyn and Stafford Beer's Viable Systems Model

“The application of autopoietic theory to enterprises dates back to
the time and place of the theory's origin. During the Allende regime in
Chile, an ambitious project named Cybersyn was
undertaken to apply principles of cybernetics to the integration and
management of Chile's national economy. The 'prime contractor' for this
work was the British cyberneticist Stafford Beer, creator of the Viable System Model (VSM)
for cybernetic enterprise management. Maturana has been cited as one of
the sources for the ideas which underpinned the Cybersyn work. Beer's
Chilean work during the period 1971-1973 is described in his book Brain of the Firm.”

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