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Reading Plan for Further Study by Randall Whitaker…
“I have introduced people to, and tutored them on, autopoietic
theory for a number of years. The following reading plan is a suggested
'menu' based on these experiences. The real difficulty in approaching
Maturana and Varela's theories lies not in their complexity but in
their novelty. Because it takes a while to catch onto and shift into
these thinkers' perspective, the following readings are ordered so as
to provide a 'graduated' progression. The links will take you to the
full bibliographical data in the references.”

I <David Soul>
started this reading from the back end…. I first came across Maturana
& Varela's work through the works of Stafford Beer on Managerial
Cybernetics…. [including: Brian of the Firm (1972), The Heart of Enterprise, Cybernetics and Management (1959) and Decision and Control (1966)] This led me to the preface by Beer for Maturana & Varela (1980)
listed by Whitaker and eventurally backwards to the Tree of Knowledge (listed
by Whitaker as a good place to start… in between I discovered Winograd
& Flores independently…. I would agree with Dr. Whitaker's
advice…. I would have needed much less bactracking and probably got a
sounder introduction if I had the above list before me at the start of
my journey…..I can't vouch for the rest of the list 
as I haven't tracked them down to this point… but given how “on the
mark” his first recommendations are I will be following the thread

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