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City of Vancouver
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These are my Delicious.com links for December 7th through 15:43:

  • Quick how-to – tarpipe Developer Preview @ Webcracy – tarpipe is a publishing mediation and distribution platform that simplifies regular upload activities:* Publishing content to multiple Web locations;
    * Combining different media into a single blog post or article;
    * Transforming documents on-the-fly;
    * Managing repeatable upload actions.
  • ‘Spinning a Web of Lies at Digital Speed’
  • Cybernetics and Systems Theory – The following links provide general background information on the field of Cybernetics and Systems Theory, an interdisciplinary academic domain.
  • Treasury Trashes Housing Market – The Treasury Department has just executed one of the few maneuvers possible to make the housing problem worse than it is: a preannouncement of possible subsidized rates for new mortgages to take effect sometimes in the future. (story here in the Wall Street Journal which just reports the plan and doesn’t predict the consequences). ….
  • Vancouver’s melting pot makes a terrific cultural stew – But Vancouver isn’t solely Chinese; a full 50 percent of the population speaks a language other than English as their childhood tongue. There’s a huge Punjabi population (Anglo-Indian) that supports an immense section of Indian commerce, a large number of Somalis from Africa, a large number of Iraqis who were granted asylum here and a heavy contingent of other people of Muslim descent whose women stroll the streets in trendy, attractive, silk head scarves. Vancouver is the way it is because Canada welcomes the arrival of immigrants moving here for political reasons.
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