Breadcrumbs for November 20th through 15:07

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These are my links for November 20th from 02:18 to 15:07:

  • Magic Quadrant for Social Software – Growth, volatility, innovation and immaturity characterize the current state of the social software market. It is evolving in response to the demand for a coherent way to support information creation and sharing, team communication and coordination, and communities and informal social interaction
  • Bayesian top title learner – This wordpress plugin uses Bayesian learning to determine which post titles are the most \interesting” to your readers. Given a list of titles, it displays n \featured” titles. These are picked randomly, weighted by their current interest score. Given a display of some n items, the plugin collects data about the user’s response: no clicks, item 1 and 3 clicked,
    all items clicked, etc. The algorithm uses this data to update the interestingness of each item.
  • Bayesian top title learning plugin for wordpress – This plugin for the popular blogging software WordPress displays the most “interesting” links in your blog’s sidebar. Interestingness is determined automatically by a Bayesian learning algorithm.
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