Breadcrumbs for November 19th through 21:48

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These are my links for November 19th from 20:41 to 21:48:

  • GAO: urgent policy concerns for transition/new administration – Many of the urgent policy concerns identified here are critical and time sensitive and require prioritized federal action. They are issues that require a focus from the transition team and new administration because if they are not dealt with, they could have great implications for life, well being, or the confidence of citizens in government, or because they have key quickly approaching dates where a decision must be made or actions taken. Consequently, these issues are not necessarily the most important issues in the long term, but rather those that must be dealt with immediately.
  • Obama’s NASA Dilemma – “As president, Obama will support the development of this vital new platform to ensure that the United States’ reliance on foreign space capabilities is limited to the minimum possible time period,” the document stated. “The [Orion] CEV will be the backbone of future missions, and is being designed with technology that is already proven and available.”But the first real measure of Obama’s vision for NASA will be his decision on the Shuttle program. This is so critical that the General Accounting Office, a nonpartisan congressional agency that investigates government expenditures, included the conundrum of whether to retire the Space Shuttle on a list of the 13 most urgent issues for the next president beyond the economy and protecting the homeland. That’s because the decision will have ramifications that go far beyond determining a retirement date for the Shuttle fleet.
  • Patent Squatter Sues Facebook – Leader Technologies, an Ohio-based “intellectual capital company”, has filed a lawsuit against Facebook. The company claims that Facebook has infringed on one of their patents which relates generally “to a method and system for the management and storage of electronic information.” Sounds like a fairly broad patent which the company simply uses to obtain recurring revenue from large digital companies.
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