Practicing in Electronic Islands!

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In this debate in CanadianEMR physicians take a stab at the problem being unable to fully utilize EMR technology due to the lack of
communication capability with other physicians and health providers,
hospital and community based information systems. According to the initial post by Alan Brookstone:

“The debate has raged over the need for a single standard EMR system
that all physicians could use vs. free market forces and many EMR
systems that are all built to certain standards with the ability to
trasfer information between systems”

Personally, I’m on the side of Brian Nelligan from Interior Health Authoritywho registered this opinion:

We don’t need a single EMR, what we need are the vendors to agree to a format to export and import data.

You can find the discussion thread at: http://emruser.typepad.com/canadianemr/2004/05/practicing_in_e.html

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