Designing Freedom & The Purpose of Education

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Cybersyn control room, 1972

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Stafford Beer 1926 – 2002

If, as will become the dominant theme of this blog, the Purpose of a System is What it Does ( POSIWID) what does it mean to mankind that so many of our systems appear broken to even unseasoned observers?

Stafford Beer of course had a lot to say on this subject in his many works but one example that often haunts me comes from his work of prose Chronicles of Wizard Prang.

“In a hundred years or so, everyone now alive in the whole earth will be dead – is this not so? … It would therefore be possible for the human race to run its affairs quite differently, in a wise and benevolent fashion, in a relatively short time… The purpose of education,” said Wizard Prang, “is to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

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