Thoughts on 'Costs of EMR and who should pay for EMR'

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This discussion on CanadianEMR raises the question becomes who will (should) pay for the  cost of EMR given  that
it generates a huge value to society?  canadianemr/2004/01/thoughts_on_emr.html#comments
It includes a link to the Wang et al study of EMR Cost vs Benefit paper originally published in the  as well as 16 comments from physicians offering comments and insights ranging from “iterative and incremental” vs “big bang” approaches to implementation to the impact of (at least in Canada) physicians not having the option of
increasing their top line (i.e., revenues) when they implement an EMR on slowing down the adoption of the technology.

I feel that one of the most cogent arguments came from Doug Redwood (Fraser Health) who opined:

“Buying an information system because someone else will fund the
initial purchase is the wrong reason. Information systems are business
assets to support care delivery processes to achieve some goals
(patient care and practice management). Your practice goals and
objectives should drive your investment decision. …. “

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