Breadcrumbs for November 12th to 22:38

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These are my links for November 12th from 22:34 to 22:38:

  • POSIWID: Purpose of Reading 3 – If you search for the “Purpose of Books” you will find dozens of websites repeating (with small variations) a quotation from Christopher Morley stating that the real purpose of books is to trap (or perhaps to inspire) the mind into doing its own thinking.
  • POSIWID: The Purpose of Reading 2 – But I still want to quibble with the way this “Bad-Dads-Don’t-Read” agenda is being presented, because it is confusing about the true purpose of bedtime reading. If the purpose of (bedtime) reading is defined solely in terms of the educational benefit to children, this is not sufficient reason why it has to be the father who does the reading.
  • POSIWID: The Purpose of Reading? – Dads ‘don’t read bedtime stories’ according to a headline on the BBC News website, citing some research which suggested that “less than half of fathers regularly read bedtime stories to their children” [BBC News 10 April 2008].
  • POSIWID – The Purpose of a System is what it Does – When we understand the complex loops that maintain the status quo, we are better equipped to make positive changes in organizations and society.

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