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Power of Events, The: An Introduction to Complex Event Processing in Distributed Enterprise Systems A sample chapter (provided courtesy of Addison Wesley)
from David Luckham’s book “The Power of Events : an Introduction to
Complex Event Processing in Distributed Environments” is available on
the informit web site.

Topics covered in this chapter include:
Events everywhere in our information systems:

The Internet and the growth of global communication spaghetti
Layers upon layers in enterprise system architectures
Global electronic trade—understanding what is happening
Agile systems—future reality or just a dream
Can an open electronic society defend itself?
The gathering storm—global coordination or global chaos


The Power of Events

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This is a  review ((from ACM Ubiquity) of David Luckham's book, The Power of Events: An Introduction to Complex Event Processing in Distributed Enterprise Systems. Published by Addison-Wesley ( ISBN: 0-201-72789-7 Copyright: 2002). 

book introduces Complex Event processing (CEP) and gives some specific
examples of how this innovative technology can be utilized.  As well as
the introductory material, the book gives a very detailed technical
explanation of the Rapide ™ event pattern language used to build CEP
solutions to real world problems. 

Use the goto for a more detailed review or use the  link to sample chapters.

Billed as “a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary framework for intelligent systems”, this book by Alexander A. Meystel (Drexel University) and James S. Albus (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is primarily for scientists and engineers but has a lot to offer anyone seriously wishing to explore contemporary theories in the field of intelligence.

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