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The Fieldstone Method

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Weinberg on Writing: The Fieldstone Method Weinberg on Writing: The Fieldstone Method by Gerald M. Weinberg

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“With wit, charm, humor, and wisdom, Gerald Weinberg shows you exactly how to become a more effective consultant” says the Goodreads’ description for one of my favorite books Secrets of Successful Consulting…. well simply substitute effective writer for the italicized words and you’ve got the gist of this book.

In a previous post I noted that Joel Spolsky is putting together a management training program for his firm that will include a required reading list consisting of about 75 books (to be read at a rate of about one every two weeks).  As I noted in my last post, I found  many “old friends” on Joel’s list but was surprised at some of the titles he’s included, so I’ve broken his list down to two parts here – those I have read and those that are now on my own “wish list” complete with some “rankings” for comparison purposes.

An interesting post on the Joel On Software site:

By Joel Spolsky

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Reading List: Fog Creek Software Management Training Program – Joel on Software.

The management training program we’re starting up here at Fog Creek will take about three years and will be relatively intensive. Among other things, there will be a required reading list consisting of about 75 books (we’re working on the theory here of one book every two weeks). We’re trying to collect a combination of

  • the best business books of all time
  • the best software management books of all time